[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

Fwiw, I’ve had a flare vanish as soon as I threw it. It did not stick in my hand. So I can confirm that that very intermittent bug is not fixed.

PC game does not work on Windows 7 64! Nothing has changed!
As crashes so and crashes 3-5 mines!

Are you posting this in different threads now? That does not help.

Also, Win7 is out of maintenance in January 2020, which is next month. You should seriously consider migrating to Windows 10. With a registered copy of Windows this should still be free of charge.

Where did you see the transition from Win7 to win 10???For free???

This is…

Off topic

You can usually use your Win7 key for activation of Windows 10. It was possible for a long time and I never heard that this had stopped. The web is full of this info:

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I know people are saying that Win7 is old and will be out of maintenance soon but it is still currently listed in the minimum requirements for this game so it should work and if not should be treated as a bug.

I’ve seen you comment in multiple threads about it not working but have you posted a bug report following the template they are asking for? READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report could be an issue with your other specs. even if they all are up to the minimum the info could help the devs find the solution.Steam%2012_3_2019%208_55_20%20PM

I run GZ on my other PC, which has Win7 Pro and it has no issues (other than the crashing that began with the August Update, that is). I really hope to see a fix of these crashes soon.

Edit: Just completed Beyond the Barricade on PC. Gonna mark it as fixed.

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I would also vote for the devs not devoting any energy onto fixing potential compatibility issues with basically outdated operating systems - that can (and should) be replaced easily. There are more important (game experience wise) bugs to fix.

Updated to Windows 10 again departure! Only in 20 minutes! Who then to me that says that everything is good!

With the same error as on win 7!

Only now there is no sound in the game!

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This is not an individual support thread, @karl.marks.94 . Lets do that here:

Please start with describing your problem precisely, and we’ll see whether we can fix this.

Added Map Issues thread to The List :slight_smile:

And all thanks to the GZ community - wan’t that fun? Never let it be said that we don’t advance, and that’s 15 minutes extra into the bargain. Peggy and Voodoo’ll fix it for you…

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Added more detailed weapon attachment bug stuff to the list, and the slowfalling grenades bug.

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I fell through the ground again. And it was a “special” case at that.

I fast traveled to Stenmyra and right before I spawned into the world (screen was still black), I heard a Tank “honking” it’s regular low-high horn. When I spawned, I walked to the door and there it was right in front of the church … not. There was a big Fuel Cell floating in the air and the rest of the Tank was nowhere to be found. When I stepped outside, I fell through the floor. Probably following in the Tank’s footsteps.

I actually had a buffered recording running but -this one time- it refused to do it’s (^&$@#) job when I hit the “record button” (of course it did with this one in a million chance … grrrrrrr @#^&$$^%*).

I did take a couple of screenshots though :slight_smile:


Also: you can still walk on top of the hedges.

All missions in the North coast completed but not coming across to the challenges. i don’t know if this is considered a different problem

Same issues - falling through terrain, video crash
video says my card was hung up or disabled
The first time I had problems was when I was forced to respawn at the only place it would give me, the farm w/ the light house, only get a few minutes till it crashes.
Did send a crash report w/ reply info

**Steps To Reproduce:** 
Start your game.
Sounds are bugging out almost instantly when you continue your game, no exceptions. 
Ghost seekers appears quite often. Hunters glitches into barns despite the all doors are closed. 
They even spawn inside of the barn, even on the loft. 
Runners are missing there running sounds, instead they just 
Runners also spawn inside of barns and houses. 

I love the game, but these issues are so annoying, 
especially when using headphones.

Anyone else having this problem on PS4?
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PC here.

I’m encountering something similar, there’s some audio distortion. Adjusting the volume down, in game, seems to fix it. Not sure if that’s what you’re hearing or not. (Effect is intermittent, but persistent once it begins in a given session.)