Machines teleporting into buildings

Today in one house I had about 4-5 Hunters and 3-5 runners inside. The top gun of the hunters was poking up through the floor of the top floor level so they were easy enough to kill, but trying to get to the runners was a hell of a job as I couldn’t move through the hunters, fun time had by all.


Enemies phasing thru walls or glitching into bunkers I am aware of. What makes Björknäs homestead so special, is the fact that it happens everytime you visit the place for the first time.

It’s a small bug but annoying all the same.


I blame the builder - you just can’t get the quality. I bet the tarmac on the drive is about 1cm thick, too…

Aye I dont think it was Bob the Builder but we will never know :laughing:

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zappa-lot posted a video about teleporting runners.

And some hunters sneaked into the barn i was as well.

My video in here: Guerrilla Difficulty is fine Solo

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So far what i have noticed, most easy way to replicate this is:
Shoot weapon(s) of from Hunter.
Stay close to windows, doors.
When Hunter goes to melee strike against wall, there is great chance it will glitch trough the wall when you turn your back into it.

Like somehow scene rendering affects the collision boundaries what robots obey.

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yep same on xbox runners and hunter

Very nice Video. At 2:15 you can see that the runner probably dont even know that it is in the house because it walkes onto the wall.
And at 4:55-5:00 for a short moment you can see the Hunter standing in the celler. Well partly, the head is in the upper floor XD
Very good conclusion. An addition from my side would be that it also happend in the small single floor barns. But I guess not that often because you usually stand in one corner and look into the room. So there is not much space for the machines to teleport behind you.
I think now the Devs should have enough to reproduce our problem and hopfully eliminate it soon.
It would be really cool though when the Runners could break a door with their melee attacks and enter the buildings. This way it is not a that save place as it would become then. Or just make more bildings with already destroyed doors.

The flame thrower can kill you through walls, be that a garden shed, a garage, a house or even the walls of a concrete bunker. You still get toasted. Then just to add insult to injury, said hunter just materialises inside the room I’m hiding in and proceeds to hand me my arse. Let’s forget about there being only one door into this room, which is still shut, and concentrate on the fact that the room isn’t even large enough for it to be in, a significant portion of it’s upper body is clipping through the ceiling.

It’s crap like this that is ruining the fun of this game. When will it be fixed?


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This is exactly why I haven’t bought any DLC. Where’s the incentive for them to fix old, very well known, very complained about bugs like this if we ignore them and still buy the new stuff - makes us look like idiots. I vote with my feet, as they say.

This happen much, much more frequently after FNIX rising update, using houses or similar as part of your strategy is more likely than not work now if there is a lot of robots and you are fighting at ground level. (well fighting from towers are also not a valid strategy as the robots notice you way too quickly and with their perfect aim you are pretty much screwed then.)

Platform: PC

Steps To Reproduce: Travel to the lighthouse at Tärnboda (beside the safehouse), climb to the to, aggro all the dogs, wait for them to swarm around the tower, then go to ground floor, if you stand near the door 1-3 dogs will often glitch through the back wall. Other than that Hunters and dogs seem to glitch through any wall if they can fit inside the space.

Images / Videos:

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Players in your game: 1,2 or 3

Specifications: Intel i7-8700 @ 3.2, 16 GB ram, GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

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There are times when I’m playing Generation Zero on Xbox One, and when I’m spotted by enemies and I happen to go into a barn or any type of shelter, somehow over a period of time the enemies have manage to come in through Walls. Also I do always close doors from the outside so they don’t come in. I’m not sure if it’s a mechanic in the game, but it would be nice to be looked into if it isn’t.

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I’m starting to wonder why people doesn’t bother to use the forum search… :eyes:


And I wonder why, after more than a year, the devs haven’t bothered to fix it :wink: :smile:

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it is most likely low priority.