Multiplayer Issues Collection Thread

Hello dear community.

I thought about creating a thread to cover the most common issues with multiplayer in Generation Zero, to see what can be improved as far as performance and technical issues go. The idea is to give the devs a definitive collection thread about the most prominent issues that needs addressing, that they can refer to.

So if I could ask for some assistance in this matter, perhaps some kind soul would help posting them here.



Good idea:

  1. a. First of all there is an issue that the mission progress is just saved for the host, not the clients.

  2. b. If mission objectives are finished by clients it could cause issues for the hosts progress.

  3. Lootpool seems to be different for host and clients (broken for clients), as clients seem to get no or almost no weapons, especially experimental weapons. Same counts for experimental apparell and apparell given by events.

  4. Game crashes (at least for clients), if clients destroy a fnix command center in a base assault.

There is more, but I didn’t play multiplayer for some time, so others may have better informations about them.

Most of the issues seem to be related to the introduction of the four game worlds. Especially the mission related issues probably exist, because the game doesn’t know where to save the progress to on clients side, as no selection of the world and character exists when joining a multiplayer game.

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I’ve had issues with the game crashing for the Client just a few short moments after joining a session. It’s happened to me, and to friends joining my sessions in the past.

It’s happened far too often to be a coincidence, as I’m sure many can attest to judging from the wednesday streams with @Avalanche_Pontus.

There’s also been the issue of enemies floating in the air after being killed by the Host (only visible to Clients), and instances where either the Host or the Client can see and interact with enemies at all.

Game crashing for clients during ongoing base assaults (Ps4). Happened many times. And also game crashes for clients sometimes even when command Center is destroyed by host.

This thread concerns multiplayer issues only.

My biggest issue with multiplayer in GZ is … Lobby.

It’s one of few things that are completely unchanged since game launch.
My #1 reason to leave multiplayer in GZ alone.

But base assault when client has crash is a multiplayer issue. Because it doesn’t crash for host or in solo.

I know, I was responding to another post that was removed. :+1:

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I’ve had a large increase in instances where a machine (nearly always a firebird) appears for the host only, but is unresponsive / indestructible.

Client players can’t see / hear it at all. If they shoot at it their shots pass straight through, even for the host. But host shots impact on it without doing damage, but explosions etc. are only visible to the host.

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Weird. Today I played a session with my mate, me as client, and I got 2 exp magnus :star_struck:. There were some other weapons, too, dlc guns and vanilla guns. He also got an exp magnus and some other, too. So this issue was none for me today.

I’ve experienced the same. When me and Pontus played last, looting was fine. But then I crashed. When I came back, all I could loot from Machines was ammo.

Platform: PC

Description: After eliminating a rival with a friend, only I [host] receive the apparel schematic points

1 Kill rival in coop
2 Observe

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 2

This seems like something worth putting in this thread.


Is it?
Aren’t schematic points just random loot from rivals like experimentals?

Yesterday, when my buddy and me played for about 3 hours chasing for rivals, I didn’t get schematic points, too (as client), but he also just did get them once.

I don’t recall ever getting schematic points from killing rivals, either as a host or a client. I recently cleared all of my rivals with @AliasDJA and I wasn’t aware this was even a thing.

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Seems like the kind of issue that fits the topic, though it’s a bit muddy. I’m sure the devs can clear this up once they see this thread.

I have been getting schematic points for every rival I have killed since the new update (not hotfix).

Might be worth nothing that I played solo and my save have never been used in co-op.

its important to fix this because it happens in xbox one also. for clients they dont get points. its similar from commands points maybe its not a bug. like hosts is the only one who will get command points and schematic points? but we need to know if it was intended to do this.

makes me think that alot people gonna start report this bug or not.

Schematic points - no no none of that for sure

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