New enemy types - Remade


Here are a few ideas:
Note, NONE of these works are mine, I do not take credit, I only use these as example.



This game needs this stuff!

the issue with “stealthy” robots is that you can detect whether they see you or not, meaning that robots dont have stealth in any way. it’s entirely irrelevant.

While i do agree that there should be more robots, I think we only need 1-3 more types, and some more diffrences between prototype/military/FNIX class bots.
(for example, FNIX tanks should carry more rocket pods / MGs / mortars than a prototype tank)


With stealthy machines, I meant not visually stealthy, but quiet.
These are small machines, obviously, as size creates sound.
One cannot have a 30 ton tank ballerina, in the end.
It is however, therefore not impossible, having small, “noiseless” machines…

Also, the army is not something to focus on “a few types”.
Take drones, how many are in use by the army, nowadays?
They virtually have one to erase the toilet, one for the living room, one for the bathroom.
Well, not like that, but they got scout drones, missile based drones, specific machines, lat’s put it like that.
It would also be logical for GZ, I think, to have more specialized machines.

Does NOT mean, that I completely disagree.
The CURRENT area would be silly to have 30 more types of enemy.
But in later DLC, covering more area?
Hell yes.

In the end, it is variety that makes us love food, right? :slight_smile:


What I ment with stealth is that you can notice the small white bar turn yellow when they notice you. Every bot has it, including the supposedly stealthy ticks and hunters.


Yes, but, that should be removed for the Stealthy ones.
I THINK, I can be quite wrong, this would not be too hard to do… :slight_smile:



I play without music.
I hear and identify them long before see them, long before the indicator pops red.
So, it should not be an issue.

Now many turn music up in games, I fail to get it, one does not enter a warzone listening to his music? O_O


as a musician:
no music? heresy :v


The ideas are nice, but i feel like the skies are what is a bit empty.

We only have the seeker for things that float around and annoy the living hell out of you.
It would be nice to see something else flying, something like a drone with a small caliber machinegun attached to it.


You cannot fly, so…
Otherwise, I did suggest drop-machines… dropping all kinds of other enemies.


no flying ticks please


I would hate them too.

but to further explain
something like a runner but it flies a bit higher like 2 or 3 meters above what a Seeker normally floats at.


Great ideas from all of you tho the most prominent ones present in this thread are I think a little to ambitious for a game of this calibre.


Ambition is what makes things great, my friend. :slight_smile:


Yes I know but to much of anything is never good.



There’s NEVER enough of variety…
They can be done, and be swapped out with already existing units.


I agree we need more machine variety but we should keep them within the realm of their linear purpose with a few exceptions some of which your list includes.


That’s called “Robot Porn”, you know that, right?

I love the lo-tech look that we’ve got. It is just about believable for the day.

Anyway - stop this! I have enough trouble as it is…


I didn’t know you could turn off music! Oh, rats!


You cannot EVER have enough trouble!