New Schematics System

Hi all,

So I’m sure a fair few player have had this issue too, and I saw a similar post made by someone else. However, I didn’t find it too clear and no answers were reached so I thought I’d make one myself.

The new schematics system obviously has its bonuses but I have 2 major problems with it:

  1. I can’t access any 5 crown schematics in any tree. Currently ttrying to get full bullet resistance but I can’t get past 4 crowns on any of them. All of my schematics that I own are at least level 3 for everything else, and most are level 4. Yet when I try to get 5 crown schemtaics, even with the right number of points, the option is always greyed out, sometimes with a padlock symbol on the left, and sometimes not.

  2. I already had a fair few schematics before the update, I’ll use the example of bullet resistant trousers.I had the 1*, 2* and 4* schematics. And that means I can’t progress any further - the schematics purchase system, as far as I know, works from the highest schematic you have, meaning that I have a gap that I cannot fill, meaning that I cannot get higher than 2* resistance as for some reason, the game tries to make me buy the 4* schematic, which I already have, which requires the 3* to be purchased - which I don’t have, and cannot purchase. I know that this feature is in its first stages but for some people this could make it useless to them because they cannot get all of them required. You might be able to get a general idea from my incredible Paint edit, though I dont really know how to explain it. All in all, I can’t buy the next level, even with an excess of points and the other schematics in the tree being levelled up substantially.


I hope this was coherent enough, because I certainly don’t understand it.

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