Possible bow/crossbow?

I think it would be cool if we could get a bow/crossbow with different types of arrows for armour and components.


It would be cool as a reference to Rambo, but I don’t see a bow as a very effective weapon against killer robots. Nor one that’s particularly prominent in 80’s Sweden.

I just think it would be fun running around with a bow.

You know, I also thought the same - but I liken this game a lot to FarCry3. Maybe get that bow and see what you think.

Maybe equip the arrows with flares, fire or explosive tips.

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I tried looking to see if some one started a weapons idea topic. Sorry if there is one. (Native I mean Sweden style)

I’m a bow guy. I used to be heavy in guns. I still have many left. 1911,3030,fnp90.

But I’m also heavily into bows. Rambo used one with different tips. I liked how far cry made them customizable. I believe they’d be good with sticky attachments tips like emp, explosive, flares, and even sound devices to help confuse the bots.

Maybe by tier they can be different bows/skins with different performance/stats.
1: old style tradition bow
2: reconditioned old style bow
3: new tradition bow
4: basic compound bow 30-50lbs
5: high performance compound bow 50-70lbs

Or do 2 different bows

You could take the bow system from cotw. And I’d even pay for that dlc if necessary

Sorry just something I love

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Bows was not so common in Sweden in the 80s and still isn’t. You are not allowed to hunt with them. Only target shooting. I only know one person that owns a compound bow. I had a simple plastic/fibre bow as a kid. In our neighbouring country Finland on the other side. They have a big assortment of Bows in wildlife hunting stores. And crossbows. In sweden crossbows is only allowed for competion and you need a license.

Yes, but for nailing a Hunter with a sticky flare, they would be perfect, and almost nothing else would do. Even one you could buy in a toyshop would be sufficiantly accurate over 100 metres. I’m in!

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You can make it useful by attaching emp like bolts on the arrows, allowing a further distance to your standard emp throw. Could be op, but could make it a perk, also could toughen up some bots or make some bots immune, its up to you! But yeah, compound bow, great idea ay?


Explosive arrowheads! Rambo did I in the 80’s and shot down a helicopter. We could explode robots. :stuck_out_tongue:


Heckin yes to the Rambow!


Yes yes yes to this!

I second. And don’t forget it needs a few buddies in the class, add crossbow recurve bow with the compound with arrow head attachments lol


We think alike :slight_smile:
There are other idea’s in this tread that could be interresting for you aswell.
Please feel free to have a look and comment.
Personally, I like the idea of having a bow in the game.
Especially to be able to use it to get stuff lauched further away instead of simply trowing it.
So count me in as a fan for this idea.

Yep me too great idea , already have rambo look thanks to cosmetics in game , check your stashes for some rambo attire folks


Cleaned up the forums a bit, and merged all threads about bows into this one. This is now the official suggestion topic for everything bow/crossbow related.


But then the game whould be more like a sandbox game where you just run around with a bow. And if you where a survivor whould you choose a bow over an AK5?

And as a survivor whould you take a bow instead of military grade equipment? doesnt matter if they are explosive i think they still whould be bad to use. And in the begining of the game you can get pistols, a shotgun an ak4 and more so why whould you use a bow? and this was for people who whould say that it whould be good in the start but no i dont think so. And this is vs machines a survivor whould not turn down their exp 50 cal for a bow. And for you that i whould be good for stealth then just put a supressor to a weapon that fires bullets

Well, for sticky flares, the upcoming m79 rocket launcher could do the trick, as could a rifle mounted rocket launcher.
I’m not entirely negative towards the idea, but it could only conceivably be useful with crafted bolts. It would be ridiculous to find an explosive arrow in military storage or in someone’s home.

Bow is our previous CoMa, Graham, favorite weapon and he’d love to see it in the game. Hence the player requests about it as well.

Current CoMa, Pontus, favorite weapon is .44 Phanter Magnus.

With bows, and looking from other games, those usually go two ways. Either:

  • the bow is most OP weapon in game (e.g godlike damage)
  • or the bow is the least useful weapon in the game (long reload, one shot, short range).

But bow could have unique usefulness. E.g when you could craft all throwables to the bolts, that would give you better, precise and perhaps even longer range for all throwables. Since at current moment, and without Throw skills, it’s up to RNG god where your throwable lands. But in the most of times, you can land it in the general direction.

Here, i agree, that the most usefulness of the bow comes from crafting (experimental) ammo for it. Standard bow bolts velocity is so slow that those won’t be piercing any machine, let alone damage it.

There have been several ideas in the dev streams what kind of bolts it could have, e.g: bolt + flare, bolt + firework, bolt + explosive (dynamite stick) etc.

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