Post your K/D ratios here!

Ok, but how bloody serious do we have to be about everything? :nerd_face:

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Lol, not at all :rofl:

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Oh, i’m doing fine. Mostly around Safe Houses and keeping Meds in chest.

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Medkits do you no good in the chest… :wink:

Had to take a look! 599 hours! :scream:


@OGDH Wow! 106 machine kills pr. death. You’re either very good or very careful, or both. :wink:
I play roughly 400 hours pr. year, and not just GZ. Maybe I’ll catch up to you other guys/girls in about… never!

Why is that? You just have to post your difficulty along with your ratio. :wink:

My latest K/D ratio comes down to: 38.7

Note: I play on Guerilla difficulty since the day choosable difficulty levels were introduced. That also includes playing on Guerilla post-April’20 update.

Gameplay hours (according to Steam): 1166.5 hours. :sunglasses:

K/D ~40
Play time - 1232 hours (total, not on that save)

@0L0 and @Aesyle your numbers are nothing less than impressive! Quite a dedication! :blush:
Back in the good old days when I could play as much as I wanted, 5-7 hours pr. day often, I still would never get anywhere near that amount of hours in one single game, no matter how much I liked it! I bought new games all the time, played them for 20-200 hours, and then moved on. 600 hours is my record. (Fallout: NV.)

I can’t post my k/d here after reading all the comments and ratios :sob::sob:

I might have the worst of all long time players

Just do it, we’re all friends here. :wink:

Okay because you asked :joy::joy:

I run the survivalist specialization and just don’t care about stealth or healing most of the time

Guess that works too. :wink:

Guess you were never into mmos then :rofl:

Holy crap, some of my most addicted wow friends can count their playtime in years…

You guessed 110% correct! :wink:

Well… I have a few opinions about that kind of gaming, but hey, to each his own.
Let’s just say I don’t think it’s healthy. :woozy_face:

I like open world games with focus on single player, or seamless MP like in GZ. The Far Cry series, FC 3 and later ones I really enjoy. I also loved Red Dead Redemption 2, but it’s a big world requiring lots of hours to fully explore. I also really liked The Witcher 3, but my lack of available time ruined the experience for me, and I had to abandon the game. Hopefully I’ll have time to retry that one at a later point. :slight_smile:


Died for a 1000th time today :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:

Welcome to the 1000+ club :joy::joy: you can see mine a little ways up.

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KPM 0,74 machines. And sometimes forget the game running on background.