Roadmap, first half of 2022

During the weekly livestream, Pontus talked about a roadmap that they sent to the press and to influencers, apparently.

He later said that we would get a public release this Friday.

Here it is:


That sounds cool. Hope to see some interesting stuff :slightly_smiling_face:

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Let’s just hope they don’t announce something controversial or completely unexpected (read “unwanted”) Friday…

I don’t understand why higher-ups did not release the roadmap and the update simultaneously, especially since we learned that the roadmap was apparently handed over to some press members and influencers…


Base Assault - We have base defense, so maybe this’ll let us attack machine bases? Or it’ll be an even more difficult version of the current defense difficulties.

Free Building Items - Self explanatory.

Progression and Skill Iteration - This could mean skill resetting, letting us continue leveling up even after max, or maybe even more skill points to spend.

Regional Revamps & New Side Mission - Self explanatory.

New Control Points - Maybe new building areas?

Weekly Assignments & Community Assignments - Self Explanatory


This sounds sweet! I made the assumption that it was going to be announced in a dev-letter…


Wishing that was in the plural and not single.

Introducing new story elements to an existing game is difficult, I think.

Merged with the roadmap thread that already exists, and improved title.


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I’m a bit disappointed because I also expected a blog entry. I don’t feel comfortable with the public relations practices about this game… They said it would be a “team effort” between them and us, but we need more details and more transparency in order to share back some smart and realistic expectations with Systemic Reaction. :man_shrugging: I suspect the budget is spred too thin and that some key members in the higher chairs don’t understand what “community management” can bring.

Some context: DLC | Generation Zero


I’m happy there is a roadmap, but it is something we should have gotten from the very start. Seems to me we are just getting now because of the delay caused by the xbox ver of Resistence update. Like the game is almost 3 years old, and only now can we sorta know it’s future.

That’s a thing I wish they never said, because that places the expactions that they will talk to us. But so far there hasn’t been much, even less since the new product owner came around. There’s been plenty of requests about being able to replay missions and have separated progression for different characters. But so far no word about that, if it’s even considered. Collabs sounds good on paper if Generation Zero was an early access game and needed that constant player feedback, but it’s considered a finished product with updates so I don’t really know anymore.

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I’m truly sympathetic towards the developpers at Systemic Reaction about that, because it seemed like very difficult times over there.

Also, just in case some people would wonder what I meant when I quoted “team effort”, here it is:
(I’ll add that picture in my original post where I quoted too)

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“New” control points…

Does that mean we already have “old” control points?

Haven’t encountered anything I’d call a “control point” yet, but the phrase “new” bothers me.

The GZ Twitter just dropped an updated roadmap after the Base Assault Update:

And image form:


Let me know when you are ready for my list of community assignments. I would like to be involved in their game intergation.

Interested in the fixes & improvements. Mostly curious if there’s any nice QoL’s


In a way, polls are a way of having a 2 way conversation between the community and the dev team. The polls have some of the things that the community have been ask for and the dev team are considering.

This last update has a better feel to it than the landfall update did. With more work and planning put into it. And some of the questions we answered in the poll seems to be added with it too.

Skills respec are not the same thing as extended skills…but i guess its better than nothing.

Yeah, that wording change worries me as well. Hopefully it’ll just be a respec for now and later there’ll be more “progression and skill iteration”.

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I hope that one of the “Improvements” is either a PS5 version or just upgraded PS4 edition on PS5 to support 60FPS and, not necessarily, 4K resolution.