Strength in Numbers Mission Not Completing


Steps To Reproduce: Strength in Numbers is stuck on Clear out the Machines but every time i clear it the Quest does not what to complete



Just me

Specifications: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970

Can confirm this bug. Have created earlier bug report of the same problem.

Thank you for reporting!
In this case it seems the last machines spawns outside/on top of the bunker. If you venture out you should find it and complete the mission.


When trying to complete the Strength in Numbers quest, we cannot continue the quest, as it gets stuck. We have visited all the related areas, but we cannot progress in any way. We have tried to join another game, go in solo and also to restart the game.

Can confirm, happened to me too in Singleplayer.
I tried restarting or fast travelling multiple times - didn’t work.

So you are saying i have to start at Dyvik and travel to the bunker around Norra Saltholmen.

There is no traveling involved, just go outside and clear a wider range of the area. We are working on a fix for this. Thank you for your patience and for helping us by reporting.

Hi there. Im on ps4 and i did venture out and killed the machines like 30 times but the mission doesnt end😢

So i am confused, am i looking for a bunker near the house then?

Me an my mate are having this issue on Xbox hopefully hotfix soon as want to complete it

I cannot find the right enemy. I’m venturing out and killing everyone. Still no luck. I put all the details in a bug report.

Any fix for you yet?

Come on now! We want this to be fixed asap. I for one cant play the game. Impossible to proceed. A few big machines keep spawning and only needs one hit from the rifle to be killed. But the last one/ones wont spawn.

I’ve had the same problem. I actually scoured the entire island and killed every single machine. Which does nothing for the mission. Seems to be a bug and I’m sure they’re working on it. So I just continued forward which is what I advise you guys to do until they fix it. You will get more main missions as you continue forward but be careful because some of them also have bugs that will irritate you. Especially when you get to the Minken bunker.
Make sure you look up the topic Minken bunker before you go exploring the bunker or you almost likely break the mission as I did. Which I can obviously not finish now. Mark up another main mission that I can’t complete :joy:

Following the developer’s recommendation, I decided that putting down a light comm array lure would probably attract any unkilled machine in the area around Dyvik.

That only resulted in a faint **thump** **thump** **thump** **thump** sound starting to approach from the farm a little further to the south.

Although it did not complete the mission, it did help distract me from the mission not completing for several minutes hectic minutes. Would not recommend trying that again though.

None. I’ve searched everywhere. I have killed everything on the island. No luck.

There is no bunker atleast i cant find it

Can you at least tell us when well the patch to fix the Quest at almost everything else that are having problems because i really what to play again but cant until the Quest are fixed.

What bunker? The area you are instructed to clear is a farm house. Not a bunker.


Same issue here, mission will not complete. Any news on an update from Devs around this?