Talk about the Planes and Airports in Generation zero


Road location question for die-hard GZ-players. :nerd_face:
I’m trying to identify the locations of the roads mentioned in the Lore of “The Fallen” mission.

In the mission “The Fallen” you have to locate the Crashed Vråken Strike Fighter. The plane’s location I marked with an X on the map.

However, in the Lore, you be given the clues that it is near the roads Gunderbergsvägen or Ängnäsvägen. So do any of you have any idea as to where these two roads are located? I have numbered the most logical candidates.

I believe that the long road (3) is called Österviksleden, from the Lore clue in side-mission “Secret Cargo”.

For now I think that Gunderbergsvägen is (4) and Ängnäsvägen is (7) because they are both close to the fallen Vråken. Ängnäsvägen is most likely passing Ängnäs Church.

What do you think?

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Forest Region now also has its crashed Vråken. Very nice surprise. I hope nobody got killed!

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Well, with the May-Update, the missing Vråken is back, but not on the same spot as before. Instead it’s has moved about 200 meter more south in the same field. And on the old spot the devs introduced another Vråken. This one has the pilot lying outside and has some loot-boxes as well.


With the 2021 May update the switch on one of the concrete slabs is removed again. Must have been a coding error and I guess, there was never a switch intended.


F24 on Island X
Runways highlighted.

I have seen some speculation about the big Island North of Himfjäll. I have taken a new look of the Airfield that is visible on that island, most likely it’s going to be named Flygflottilj 24 if its a military base. But I would love it if it’s going to be a commercial airfield. No Idea what then the name be.

Its longest runway is about two and a half times shorter then the runway on F23. But it has two runways. I would be thrilled if we get different planes and/or helicopters and an air traffic control tower on this airfield.

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In the mission ‘Arms race’ while you are raiding the Himarvet Police Station for weapons and ammo, your walkie-talkie picks up a garbled transmission by an unidentified Vråken pilot. (unlocking ‘Nothing but the Snow’)

The full transcription of the garbled audio transmission can be read in “NPC monologues & dialogues” under the heading “Nothing but the Snow

Elsa Khorsandi survived the crash, but did she eject successfully after the first malfunctioning, or did she manage to crash land the Vråken in a controlled way? The Vråken crashed South of Himarvet near to St. Charlotte Church.


I don’t know much about jet plane ejection systems, but what little do i know; isn’t the canopy blown clean off before pilot is ejected? :thinking: Since when examining Elsa’s Vraken, the canopy is still attached to the plane, albeit in fully open position + then some.

Also, Raketstol 37 is also seen still in the plane. Which wouldn’t be there, if ejection would’ve been successful.

My guess, Elsa belly-flopped her plane and after coming to a stop, she climbed out of her plane.


Elsa crash screenshots

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Aha, I never actually thought of looking for that. So she belly-flopped, and walked from the crash to the Bear Hotel, looking for a warm blanky. :grin:
Great shots of the crash. I will have a look at the plane. I am curious about that Raketstol 37.

Raketstol 37

The ejection seat was the Raketstol 37 (literally; Rocket chair 37) and was the last Saab designed seat in service. A derivative of the Saab 105 trainer seat, the seat was optimized for low altitude, high speed ejections. Once activated by the pilot via triggers built into the armrests (on twin-seat models, the occupant of the forward cockpit position is able to initiate the ejection of both seats), the ejection sequence is automated, including the removal of the canopy; in the event of a malfunction, a reserve trigger can be activated. A combined parachute and seat harness is used, which features a barometric interlock to appropriately release the occupant and harness from the seat during the ejection sequence, a manual override handle is also provided for this function. (Source Wikipedia)


Probably the same machines/canon that’s shelling Måsskår Resistance Base.

That is impossible for several reasons:

  • FNIX’es cannon is artillery, not a guided missile.
  • shell velocity is too low to catch up with Vraken.
  • distance from cannon and Vraken is far too great, if given the cannon is the one at South Coast.
    It would take 10+ seconds for shell flight time to close that distance, meaning that target acquisition must be taken place long before that.
  • all weapons have shell dispersion, which is greater the bigger the weapon is.
    Due to that, and to compensate it, artillery and naval cannons, all have big AoE impact damage, great for still targets, but not for shooting down fast flying small aircraft.
  • and from my screens, no other object (rocket, missile etc) is seen closing in to the Vraken, for anything like that to be a cause.

High possibility is invisible weapon. E.g EMP burst, that causes on-board circuitry to go whack and cause internal explosion within the plane. That would also explain why ejection system didn’t work.

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When I said canon, I should have said weapon, since I didn’t know what shot the Vråken down.

I don’t know If EMP would cause explosion. But if it could, that seems plausible. The picture shows an big explosion.

To me it seems, that Elsa jumped out the plane at the first hit and without using the ejection seat
The engine was hit in the mid of the plane. The engine stops imediatly and the fuel tank caught fire and the electronic of the plane was damaged so that the ejector seat doesn’t work. She turned the jet on the back and let fall out the seat. WW2 Pilots did the same when they jump out the plane because the wing is in the way

When you see the wave shaped flightpath, is for me an indicator, that there is no one at the steering stick. When you let go the steering stick and decrease the engine power, the plane will go on the nose and that causes that the elevetor flaps will swing up due to the wind. That causes, that the plane goes up again. Without motor power she will get down again, an when the aileron flaps will sink on one side of the airplane it will roll.
That this plane landet on te belly is for me pure luck or it was important for the story telling. When you see how steep the flightpath is at the end the plane will dig deep into the earth with her front end. Only way that she made that belly landing is that the wind blows the flaps high short before hitting the ground. Remenber the Vråken is a Canard that has his elevetor flaps in front not at the tail.

Surviving a crash like this with burning fueltanks and sharp weapons. Seems impossible to me.


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EMP alone can’t create an explosion. But what EMP can do, is short-circuit the electronics and those short-circuited electronics can create a fire which leads to an explosion (depending what got fried).

Yes, something is seen falling off the plane at the explosion spot but that could be piece of the plane as well, rather than a pilot.
Also, no parachute is seen and no-one survives the drop at that altitude. And all parachutes have minimum altitude, at which point, when passed, doesn’t deploy fully and doesn’t slow down the person enough for them to survive the landing.

If given the circled object is Elsa, she would’ve landed near Himarvet police/fire station or just North of Himarvet. (I’m at Ljuset Commune lookout tower, overlooking Himarvet.) However, the next mission we get, after clearing out hunters around Elsa’s plane, is to locate Elsa at St. Charlotte Church, which is little ways E-SE from her crashed plane.
It is highly implausible that Elsa, once landed North of Himarvet, would’ve ran South, through the Himarvet, to the St. Charlotte Church, without coming into contact with the player and also surviving all the machines there as well.

There is another thing, that makes Elsa ejection implausible; time she took to relay her situation via radio, including ejection malfunction.
From my screens, we can see that when the nose dips down 2nd time, Elsa is still reporting her situation. Another screen that i have, is deep dive and again, Elsa is still in the plane because she reports ejection malfunction.

Sadly, when i was in the game at that given time, i didn’t record the gameplay, which is far better source of info than the few screens i took. Still, screens still give us crucial info about the incident.

With this, i don’t think Elsa managed to eject from the plane before plane hit the ground.

Sadly, i can’t comment anything about this since i don’t know enough about aviation.

Yeah, i agree that Elsa survived by miracle. Not only wasn’t she hurt when she finally landed (with or without the plane), she also managed to fight off several machines (most likely runners) with her sidearm, until she ran out of bullets. And while Anita offered Elsa medicine for her injuries, all what Elsa wished for, was a warm blanket.
Somehow, Elsa also managed to climb the mountain to the bear hotel, which is an ordeal even when you’re in well fit state, without injuries, in a freezing cold.

With this, there are some lore holes in that incident and it was made a bit too good to be true.

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How about we entertain the idea that the plane was shot down by a FNIX ballistics weapon, and not EMP. To shoot down a plane, a guided weapon system is therefore the most likely candidate, like you said. Where could it be situated? We have not found any locations or hints towards such a weapon installation that fits the bill. Could it be fired from below the water surface?


That, or from the island just North from Himfjäll, which can’t be accessed at the moment.

Since there’s airfield on there, it’s very likely that there are also anti-air weaponry, which could’ve moved to the shoreline (if it’s mobile) and it spotted the flying Vraken, after which it engaged and shot it down.


Some image editing;

Yellow - possible flight path of Elsa (since she came from F23)
Green - confirmed flight path of Elsa (she comes in almost from the North)
Red - crash landing of Elsa

It’s speculation, but it could be possible that on the Southern mountain peak, on the island North from Himfjäll, (just a bit right from the yellow & green brake line on the map), there could be some AA weaponry which took some time to target lock and managed to shot down Elsa once she was above Himfjäll.

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No need to apologise, for writing your ideas about how the pilot crashed her plane and managed to survive the crash, it is on topic.

The fact remains that the raketstol 37, was not ejected, but was still in the plane. But since the dev-team tends to minimise the introduction of new ‘assets’ (is that the word?) in the game, they might have just used the same crashed plane asset for all crash sites. Now I have to check some of the other crashed planes to see if they also have the ejector seat still in the wreck. I will come back to this later today.

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It is as I suspected, I took pictures of five random planes wrecks that were not upside down, and they all had the ejector seat (raketstol 37) still in the plane. So I think we can’t use the plane with ejector seat as conclusive evidence that Elsa did not ejected to safety. Since there are simply no planes models made in the game without ejector seats. The devs did not foresee that we examine everything to fill the holes in the story.

But she did continue the transmission (like Aesyle said) while going down, which seems good evidence that she did not eject. Assuming that she did not have a transmitter in her suit, of course.


Crashed Vråken, Upside Down or Up.
All Upside Vråken show an Ejector seat on Board.

  1. South West of Björkvik Farm        (A)  => Canopy Upside Up (Pilot aboard)
  2. South West of Källviken            (A)  => Canopy Upside Up
  3. On F23 Airbase                     (FL) => Canopy Upside Down
  4. North of Averholm Manor            (FL) => Canopy Upside Down
  5. North East of Vidsele              (FL) => Canopy Upside Down
  6. South West of FOA Facility         (FL) => Canopy Upside UP (Pilot outside)
  7. West of F23 Airbase                (FL) => Canopy Upside UP
  8. On intersection in Gamla Stan      (F)  => Canopy Upside Down
  9. North West of St. Charlotte Church (HI) => Canopy Upside Up
  10. South of Overseers Villa           (M)  => Canopy Upside Up
  11. Norrmyra Arena                     (ML) => Canopy Upside up 
  12. West of Norrmira Arena             (ML) => Canopy Upside up (long dirt trail)
  13. North of Sillavik                  (SC) => Canopy Upside up
  14. West of Ängsnäs Manor              (SC) => Canopy Upside Up
  15. East of Dyrbo control point        (FL) => Canopy upside up (nose in dirt)

Yes, I think so.
I think the devs will manipulate the orientation of the planes and add fire, smoke, debris, soldiers, etc, to get more variation in the scenes.


It’s been a while, but the Landfall Update hasn’t yielded any aviation goodies for us to report upon (so far as I know) For all we know there still something to be found in remote and hidden location.

I did see something fuzzy on the Big Island north of Himfjäll, that might be a second air field (we seen one on the east, but this one seems a smaller landing strip. Maybe for small commercial planes. It could also be wishful thinking.

What do think?