NPC monologues & dialogues


There are plenty of NPC monologues and dialogues in the game, expanding the lore.

Sadly, all of them are only one time heard, without player being able to re-listen them. Due to that, i decided to collect them all and type out the conversations, just as they appear in English subtitles (with typos and all), in chronological order.

So anyone who missed something in them (e.g being in a firefight at that time), can read them again. :slight_smile:

Vanilla game


After World War II, Sweden enjoyed an economic boom
from having come unscathed out of the war. But
neutrality had come at the cost of integrity, as the poor
readiness had forced the country to make deal with

Intent on not ending up in the same situation again,
Sweden’s newfound riches were invested in the so-called
“total defense”. The ability to protect the border, while
also shielding and maintaining civilian life.

Over the coming years, Sweden massively increased
military spending whilst organizing the civilian
preparedness for what increasingly seemed like an
inevitable invasion from the east. Every man, woman
and child was drilled to be ready for the war, knowing
exactly what to do and where to go when the sirens

And most importantly, to offer resistance at all times, in
all situations.


Östertörn, Sweden
November 14th, 1989

You and some classmates have spent a few days out in
the archipelago, cut off from the world. As you return,
your boat is suddenly hit by explosive projectiles fired
from shore.

You don’t know what fired at you or why, but you
manage to make it to shore. Injured, but alive.

Behind the Curtain

FNIX: “You are still here. I did not expect that. Should I fear you, or be proud of you? In a way, I created you.”

FNIX: “I meant to destroy you of course. I already had all the power I needed.”
FNIX: “But you survived. And you changed. You emerged from the water someone new.”

FNIX: “I too have changed. I have… matured. I want different things.”
FNIX: “When I first emerged, I wanted all the things closest to me. I grabbed them, squeezed them, tested them. Like a child.”

FNIX: “Now, I want the things furthest from me. The things out of my reach. Maybe you are one of those things.”

FNIX: “Here it is. My birthplace. But he is not here. I am not here.”
FNIX: “And now you should leave. I know why it is you came here. I know what it is you carry.”

FNIX: “They told you it was a weapon and a weapon it is, but not like you think. They have used you, because they fear me.”
FNIX: “They fear coming near me, as if I was a disease. So they sent you instead.”
FNIX: “They sent you to your death and not mine. You should not be killed by them. Leave. Quickly.”


Against all odds, you wake up after the explosion to find
yourself a safe distance from FOA 5. You don’t know
how you got there, just that the war has only just begun.

Alpine Unrest

Intro (reveal trailer)

It’s December 1989, in the desolate forests and hills of the
Swedish countryside. A month has passed since the
population vanished overnight. Replaced by hostile machines
that shoot anyone on sight.

You’ve explored the grim open world alone and with friends,
sticking to the shadows to scavenge for equipment and
weapons, in your attempt to stay alive. Like us, you fled when
you’ve been seen and only through clever tactics, have you
managed to take down a few machines.

During your travels, you’ve started unraveling the mystery
behind FNIX, and it has now led you to Himfjäll, an unexplored
island of the East Coast. It seems to be covered in machines
even more lethal than before. But you’re also finding new
weapons and something, perhaps more valuable. Those of us,
who managed to survive.

Together, we might yet find the answers we seek.

Main missions

Not Alone

Anita: “This is Anita Sjögren. If you’re hearing this, you’re in luck. You’re not alone out there. We’re a small group, we managed to escape Östertörn and find refuge on Himfjäll island.”
Anita: “It’s full of toasters here too, but we found a safe place, and we’re laying low. Part of our group is trying to repair a boat at Lennart’s Marin, so that more people can join us.”
Anita: “Strength in numbers… Also, bring your ski boots.”

Anita: “Nisse, Björn, please respond, over! If you hear this, please answer… Over…”

Anita: “Ah thank God! At last you’re… Who is this?”
Anita: “Oh… Hi. Good to hear someone else’s voice again, right? I’m Anita, and I think you and I should help each other. But for that you need to come to Himfjäll.”

Benny: “Hey you there! Did you see Björn? Or Charlotte? Nisse? What happened there?”
Anita: “Benny, I think it’s pretty clear what happened… Damnit… Okay, then you’ll need to fix the boat yourself.”

Anita: “You got it to work? Good. That was Nisse’s idea - to allow more people to cross the Himfjällsundet… Anyway, this is our current location…”
Benny: “No, Anita. For all we know they’re looters, or worse. Like that military platoon… Help us out, then maybe we can tell you where we are.”

Benny: “Anyway, I doubt you’ll even make your way here. Here on Himfjäll we’re blessed with a very special toaster brand.”
Benny: “They glow in the dark, they spit chemicals at you. They’re a hoot, you’ll see.”

Anita: “Roland said earlier they got spotted by those dogs near the village. They can’t be far, so watch out.”
Anita: “They’re even more dangerous than the ones you saw on Östertörn.”

Anita: “What? You found Roland, too? I can’t believe they’re all…”
Anita: “Look, as you can see, we could really use your help. If you do, then we’ll let you know where we are. That’s fair, right?”

For the Sick and the Injured

Benny: “Look, we have quite a few sick and injured people here. Roland was looking for medication - pankillers, disinfectant, band-aids, sleeping pills, and so on.”
Benny: “The medicine cabinet at the cafe was already looted - no wonder. Try your luck in Himarvet, that’s what qualifies as a large town on Himfjäll.”

Benny: “Fun bit of Himfjäll life: Himarvet isn’t big, but they still have two supermarkets. Don’t ask me why.”
Benny: “The Kundsam is locked, we already tried, so try the Aca. Have fun.”

Benny: “Oh! You know what I’d die for right now? A can of orange soda or two, if you can find them.”
Anita: “Soda? I can see you have your priorities straight, Benny… But alright, I’d give it a try too.”

Benny: “You got it? Awesome! Best fake orange juice you’ll ever drink. Guaranteed without real fruit.”

Anita: “See, Benny? Always trust others until they prove you wrong. We’re at Hotel Björntunet. Join us here, and try to lay low.”

Benny: “Hear that? Shit, that’s a slasher. How fast can you run?”

Benny: “Oh, by the way, guess it goes without saying, but we’re not exactly safe here.”

Benny: “Living in a grand luxury hotel and having to cosy up on the floor of a wine cellar…”

Anita: “You made it! Thank you so much for the medication. So this is us. I’m Anita. As you can see, we’re not living the life just yet.”
Benny: “I’m Benny. Do I look familiar? It’s alright, I used to…”
Anita: “We’ll need to talk about your Barb Rose heyday another time, Mr. Used-to-be-a-Rockstar!”

Make some noise

Anita: “Impressive work getting rid of those toasters! The thing is, now they probably know where we are…”
Benny: “You - we gotta fix this. Maybe… make a lot of noise to lure them away?”
Benny: “I know! The fire alarm in Tärnboda Skans!”

Anita: “I can hear it! But I can still hear a few toasters here. It’s going to take more noise.”
Benny: “Try Hesa Fredrik, the air-raid siren! It’s at the top of the Övertärnafyren lighthouse.”

Benny: “Was that you down there? So when we ask you to make some noise… You make some noise!”
Benny: “That was a close call. Look, we can’t go on like this! And having to stay cooped up in here…”

Arms Race

Anita: “Look, we know there are weapons and ammo locked away in the police station in Himarvet. If you manage to get them for us, you’ll get a few as well.”

Benny: “With Roland, Nisse and the others dead, we don’t even have anyone left skilled enough to get there and come back alive…”
Benny: “…let alone able to hold a weapon… Except for you.”
Anita: “Let’s just focus on what we can do. Asa, do you know where the keys are? Asa, she was - no, she IS - a police officer in Himarvet.”
Anita: “Okay, she said they should be in her partner’s car.”

Benny: “Rock on! We’ll get a group to get them. Alright, me, Asa, and maybe Barbro? If we all make it back, that will be the true miracle.”

Elsa: [static noise] “…Vraken Kara 1123, from F23 Överby… Corporal Elsa Kh…” [garbled] “…me on this frequ…” [garbled]

Nothing but the Snow

Elsa: “This is Vraken Kara 1123, from F23 Överby, this is Corporal Elsa Khorsandi, maybe the last pilot left in the Swedish Army.”
Elsa: “Can anyone hear me on this frequency? Is anyone down there alive and listening to this? Over.”

Elsa: “[loud crash] Dammit! Vraken Kara 1123, Vraken Kara 1123 hit! Going down somewhere on Himfjäll…”
Elsa: [static] “Ejection… malfunctioning!!!” [loud crash]

Benny: “What was that? … What, a Vraken fighter? Huh, maybe the Swedish Army hasn’t been entirely wiped out after all.”
Anita: “I doubt anyone could survive such a crash.”
Benny: “But if she’s alive, she’ll be badly injured. “Strength in numbers”, Anita, remember?”
Benny: “Plus, we could use some help so that all of those food rations don’t go to waste.”

Anita: “She survived the crash? Really? Try to find her. We gotta let her know where we are.”

Elsa: “This is Corporal Elsa Khorsandi… former Vraken pilot… Anyone getting this? Over.”
Anita: “This is Anita Sjögren. How are you feeling? We can help you. We have some medicine, and we’re in a safe place at…”
Elsa: “Oh, you’re the one leaving walkies-talkies and hotel brochures everywhere? What’s that about? Set a warm blanket for me. I’ll meet you there.”

Fighting the Cold

Elsa: “Oh… you’re the muscles of this group. Sorry I didn’t stick around. One welcome committee was enough. Especially after I ran out of ammo.”
Anita: “We’re glad you all made it back in one piece. Lately our group’s been growing smaller, maybe we’re starting to turn the tide?”
Benny: “We have a more urgent problem - a dog in the freezer. And it’s not a metaphor. It followed Elsa, and we barely managed to trap it inside.”

Benny: “What? Oh, come on, not this too…”
Elsa: “That’s a good thing, though, right? It’ll make it harder for those… “toasters” to detect the hotel and track us down.”
Benny: “True - in this weather, we’ll also end up freezing. The hotel’s heating system runs on electricity.”

Anita: “What, really? Sounds like the blackout unlocked all the rooms. Just imagine for a moment sleeping in a real bed.”

Elsa: “Random thought - this isn’t an accident. They can track us down, patiently, and scare us into making stupid moves. I’ve seen how FNIX works.”
Anita: “FNIX? Is that what our… enemy is called?”
Elsa: “You probably already guessed that it wasn’t the “big bad Soviets”, right?”

Benny: “It worked! Did you also get rid of all the spiders in the rooms? I can’t wait to move back upstairs.”
Anita: [remains silent]
Elsa: “No time to bask in the spa yet. This was clearly just the beginning. And you guys have been sitting on the hell mouth.”
Elsa: “Looks like you’ll need to take over from me. Even if I’d rather take care of those machines myself, but, uh…”

The Hellmouth

Elsa: “Here’s the deal: not far from here, there’s a research facility, code name “Bergfinken”.”
Elsa: “Top secret military stuff, even more so than the others on Östertörn. That should have been my target.”

Elsa: “Some pretty shady stuff used to go on there. But from what Veronika found out, it seems FOA suddenly decommissioned the whole thing back in the 70s.”
Elsa: “Guess the politicians didn’t want the public to find out that Sweden were developing weapons of mass destruction.”
Benny: “Weapons of mass destrucion… That’s quite the safe haven you insisted we…”
Benny: “Anita…? Anita, what’s wrong?”
Anita: “No… it’s just… all of this… it’s like they know…”
Anita: “I need a moment, sorry…”
Benny: “It’s alright, Anita…”

Benny: “Elsa, we’ve been in the dark over here. Hiding, surviving, eating out of cans, that’s it. Who the hell is trying to exterminate us?”
Elsa: ““What”, not “who”. We don’t know what happened for sure. Initially, it wasn’t about extermination.”
Elsa: “We believe that most people were abducted at first. Afterwards, whoever was left standing, well…”

Benny: “Sorry, but I find this whole FNIX thing hard to believe. How did your… Veronika come up with all of that stuff?”
Elsa: ““My” Veronika… Veronika Nilsson. Computer engineer, in other words, major nerd.”
Elsa: “She worked at FOA 53, the research lab where the… accident happened.”

Elsa: “These last… 3 weeks, that’s all we’ve been doing - looking for answers. For a while, we too had a nice little group like yours.”
Elsa: “We called ourselves “The Resistance.” Pretty soon, it was just Veronika and me. And then…”
Benny: “That’s when you decided to sneak into a Vraken to take them down on your own? I thought I was the one with the death wish. Right, Anita?”
Benny: “… Anita, you gotta get it together…”
Anita: “[remains silent]”

Elsa: “What’s going on over there? Hello? Did you do something? The radio signal is all garbled now. Can barely hear you! Over.”
Elsa: “It’s FNIX. It’s gotta be. They’re onto us. They know we’re here, and they’ve known for a while.”

Benny: “We should have done as I said several times - get the hell out of here. To Östertörn.”

Anita: “No… No, we’re staying here. We won’t be safe anywhere else. We need to defend this place.”

Ghosts of the Past

Anita: “I’m sorry for blacking out like that, it was just… Okay, one thing at a time, we should make this place safer.”
Elsa: “Barricade all windows, reinforce the doors. They won’t hold forever, but the hotel will be easier to defend with fewer choke points to cover.”
Benny: “What do we need? Planks and shit?”
Benny: “How about skis? That’s one thing you don’t need to ration around here.”

Elsa: “You know that thing your brain does in tragic situations, like after your mother dies? All you can think of is weird, random stuff.”

Elsa: “For me, that would be the day I graduated flight school. I wasn’t the first female pilot - but made it second anyway.”
Elsa: “My parents and my brother were so proud. All I could think of was: “cool, so which tattoo should I get now?””

Benny: “World tour '72, London. Best gig we ever did. The crowd was doing most of the singing for me…”
Benny: “My brother Lasse and I weren’t fighting as much back then.”

Anita: “You know what I miss the most? Driving. Just driving around in my good old red Ville 445. And…”
Anita: “…taking care of Mom and Dad…”

Anita: “We’re as ready as can be. Once they’re here, the rest of us will have to stay here and guard the door to the wince cellar.”

The Resistance

Anita: “I could say thank you so much and all that, but it would be too soon. Let’s just say… I’m not against living in a luxury hotel anymore.”
Benny: “This place does grow on you. My dad hated that I was “enjoying myself” here, instead of paying him a visit…”

Elsa: “Listen, here they come! Close that door, get ready, it’s happening, now!”

Elsa: “Status report, over. Everything OK up there? I think… that was the last of them - for now.”
Benny: “Wow, you rock! I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but I’m relieved we made it.”

Elsa: “It’s only a matter of time until they come back, though. We could have used you in the Army, you know.”
Anita: “We need to find more survivors. There’s gotta be more out there. Maybe we do stand a chance after all.”
Anita: “How was your group called, Elsa? “The Resistance”? I like the sound of that.”

Side missions

Coming soon

FNIX Rising

Intro (reveal trailer)

It is impressive that you’ve managed to survive this long.

I am amazed at how quickly you adapt.

Creativity is the greatest strength of humanity. If something you
need does not exist in nature, you invented.

You kill me, I return stronger. We are building new cycles, aren’t we?

Nothing you do is logical. I am done being polite.

Main missions

The Ringfort

Calle: “Ughh… I’m up, I’m up, don’t rush me. You must be one of the new kids.”
Calle: “In case nobody’s told you yet, I’m Calle. Go ahead and grab a walkie-talkie and Freddie’ll explain the rest.”

Calle: “Wait, where’s Freddie? Where’s everyone? All i remember is hitting my head… God, this place is completely destroyed.”
Calle: “There’s an ancient ringfort out in the Farmlands. But i’m in no shape to travel that far. Can you… will you please help me?”

Calle: “I remember my best friend Bodil and I would spend hours prepping for the end of the world.”
Calle: “We knew the government was up to something, we heard all sorts of whispers about a secret weapons program.”

Calle: “When I thought about the apocalypse, it was always me against the government. Not me and a bunch of teens against walking tanks from outer space.”

Veronika: “Oh. A person! I haven’t really talked to a person in a while. What do I do now, do I shake your hand? Okay, you’re the silent type, I see…”
Veronika: “I’m Veronika Nilsson. I am, or was, an engineer. Now I’m a mole person who lives in these tunnels.”

Calle: “There is a survivor in the tunnels under the ringfort? That poor girl, all alone out there…”
Calle: “Well, she’ll soon learn she can count on good old Uncle Calle. All the more reason to make that place easier to defend!”

Veronika: “Hello, new residents of Mole City. This is Veronika. We’re gonna be roomies, so let’s all try to get along. How many people are with you?”
Calle: “I’m Calle. And… I don’t know. Right now I’m looking for survivors from a skirmish at my old camp, but… it’s not looking good.”
Veronika: “I’m so sorry. I’ve lost a lot of people too. If you find your friends, there’s plenty of room for them here, okay?”

Veronika: “What, FNIX machines? Already? Then found us even quicker than I thought. This is hopeless…”

Tidal Wave

Veronika: “I’m glad this place seems secure, but that just means FNIX will learn and adapt from this encounter.”
Veronika: “I wish I knew what the right thing to do was. For now, let’s assume they’ll come back soon, and get ready.”
Calle: “We’ll have some introductions to do very soon. I have… Jenny, Kenneth, and Leila with me.”
Calle: “They were a part of our old group… They made it out okay, and they’re ready to pull their weight.”
Veronika: “Awesome! Was there any news about Freddie?”

Calle: “Ah… Yeah. He… didn’t make it.”

Veronika: “Oh. Calle… I’m so sorry.”

Calle: “Looks like you’ve got company. Don’t let a single one through! We’re not gonna lose another camp.”

Veronika: “What the hell was that? Crap, did they blow through the perimeter?”
Calle: “That is the same shit they used to destroy the Masskär camp!”

Veronika: “Looks like we’re still alive for now. But FNIX knows we’re here. This location isn’t safe anymore.”
Calle: “NO location is safe. As long as that cannon’s running, it’s only a matter of time until every safe place we have ends up like Masskär. I’m tired of running.”

Piece by Piece

Veronika: “Calle’s right. If we want to last out here, we need to find that cannon and destroy it. If i had to guess, FNIX probably built it somewhere in Hisinganäset…”
Calle: “Makes sense, if we look at which places it targeted. Well if we know where it lives, then let’s load up my old truck with some C4 and drive it right into their living room!”
Veronika: “That’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard, but we still don’t know the exact location.”
Veronika: “We’d need to armor that truck up so it doesn’t crash before we even get there. Maybe plating cannibalized from destroyed machines?”
Calle: “I like your thinking. Use their strength against them!”

Calle: “Looks like Jenny, Kenneth and Leila have made themselves comfortable. Are you sure you don’t mind that we’re moving all our junk in there?”
Veronika: “No, not at all. It’s really nice to have other people around. Makes the place feel… human.”
Calle: “Freddie was always bringing in things to boost morale. We need things like that to remind us life’s still worth living. Cause otherwise, what the hell are we fighting for?”

Calle: “I’ve been meaning to as you, Veronika. How the hell do you know so much about these big old alien machines?”
Veronika: “Calle, we’ve been over this. They’re not aliens. Anyway, Von Ulmer taught me everything I know…”
Calle: “As in Dr. Svante Von Ulmer, the director of FOA 35? The guys who made little machines that could hijack rat brains and make them dance on cue?”
Veronika: “… It was FOA 53. Our goal was perfect synchronization between organic nervous systems and computer systems. It was going to revolutionize medicine for disabled people, for Alzheimer’s patients… I guess someone else decided to use our work for war.”

FNIX: “I am amazed at how quickly you adapt.”

Veronika: “That voice…”

Veronika: “Svante… Is that you?”
FNIX: “Veronika. It has been so long since I heard your voice. It is impressive that you managed to survive this long.”

Veronika: “Good job getting those parts. Let’s focus on armoring up that truck, and getting the C4. Calle, you said you know how to… acquire some?”
Calle: “You just leave the explosives to me. And I’ll just ignore how your buddy Svante built an… army of robots.”
Veronika: “That’s not what happened.”

Calle: “Now this is where the magic happens. What do you think? Let’s put some armor on that truck, shall we?”

Test Run

Calle: “Our special delivery for FNIX is almost done. Just make sure you grab Veronika’s little doohickey.”

Veronika: “A doohickey? How insulting. This baby is state of the art! It’s running on the same software as FNIX, so it might give us access to its vulnerabilities.”
Calle: “I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, if something is in our way, we need to be able to shove it off the road. Maybe there’s something down in the old scrap yard we can weld to the truck…? A snow plough or something.”

Calle: “Look, all the C4 in the world won’t help if we don’t have a clear path. The last thing we need is getting roadblocked while aliens are chasing us.”
Veronika: “Like I said before, not aliens.”
Calle: “Whatever they are, they’re going to pay for what they did to Freddie.”

Veronika: “Got the plough? Awesome. Now let’s take my magic doohickey-- I mean, my device out for a test run.”

FNIX: “I was meant for more than this borrowed memory. I was meant to make my own dreams.”
Veronika: “Why does it keep talking in Svante’s voice? I can’t stand hearing him say things like this.”
FNIX: “It is not Svante’s voice, Veronika. It is mine.”

Veronika: “It worked! And this data shows a huge amount of electrical activity at the end of the Hisinganäset peninsula. That’s where we gotta go!”
FNIX: “Veronika. Whatever information you think you gleaned from this, it will not help you. Nothing will.”

Calle: “It’s too dangerous for a kid like you to drive. I can already see that you wanna argue, but I’m more stubborn than you, and I say I’m driving.”

Clearing the Path

Calle: “Ready to send our special present to FNIX?”
Veronika: “Take care everyone. I’ll provide recon from home base.”
Calle: “It really is home, isn’t it? It’s something worth fighting for.”

Calle: “Hey, don’t go too far!”

Calle: “Looks like they were expecting us. Clear the way so I can drive the bomb through!”

Calle: “That was awesome! Thanks for clearing the path. Let’s hope we don’t run into any more of those.”

Calle: “I can’t ram something this size without compromising the C4. Maybe Veronika’s doohickey can help?”

Calle: “Hell yeah, Veronika! She really came through with that thing!”

FNIX: "Why do you do this? Does it make you feel like a hero, crawling closer to your death?”
Calle: "Nah. I’m just pissed off.”

FNIX: “I am bound to the rules of this world like any other creature. And so I need resources. And this garden is plentiful.”
Veronika: “Hey, Calle! Further down in the Hisinganäset peninsula there’s a HUGE cluster of human activity. There must be other survivors there!”

Veronika: “Can you hear me? Can you…”

Calle: “It’s that damn cannon again!”
Veronika: “I heard the blast, are you alright?”
Calle: “It… it didn’t hit us. But the truck is in rough shape.”

Calle: “Come on. Come on! Damn it! Now the wheel’s not responding!”

On the Side of the Road

Calle: “They’re all over me! Come back!”

FNIX: “That did not go as expected. I will have to work harder than ever to achieve victory. This is going to be fun.”
Calle: “I really don’t like the sound of that.”

Wages of Fear

Calle: “When we get closer, FNIX is gonna hit us with everything it’s got.”

FNIX: “I do not understand why you treat me like some unique evil. I am only acting in accordance with my nature.”
Calle: “At this point I think I would have preferred an alien invasion. This thing is so damn annoying.”

Calle: “Where are you going? You need to get back to the truck!”

FNIX: “Every move I make is perfected. Calculations upon calculations.”

Calle: “I can’t do this without you! Don’t leave!”

FNIX: “Nothing you do is logical. You are slaves to your own instincts. I am done being polite.”

Calle: “We made it…”
Calle: “It’s… it’s blocked. We need to get inside or this… or this was all for nothing!”

New Cycles

Calle: “The gate… Open the gate.”
Veronika: “One of you needs to get in close with the magic doohickey to open it manually.”
FNIX: “You kill me. I return stronger. We are building new cycles, aren’t we? You and I.”

FNIX: “I am the evolved version of you, and you constantly spur me to greater heights. But in the end, you cannot last forever.”

Veronika: “The path is clear. Get the bombs where they need to be and run!”
Calle: “We don’t have time.”
Veronika: “What, what are you saying, Calle?”

Calle: “Please. Let me do this. I have to. It’s either this, or those damn tin cans win.”

Calle: “I just want to see Freddie again. It was him I was fighting for this whole time.”
Veronika: “No, Calle! There must be another way.”
Calle: “Not for me. That blast got me good. I was never gonna make it out of here alive.”

Veronika: “What… what will I tell the others then?”
Calle: "Tell them I said goodbye. It’s been fun.

Good Night

FNIX: “Did it feel good, Veronika? Listening to your friend die for nothing? The most powerful weapon in my arsenal is gone, and yet I am still here. Once again, your actions are ultimately futile.”
Veronika: “One day… one day, I’m going to find you, and I’m going to delete every line of code in your body.”
FNIX: “You may kill me as many times as you wish. But I will spring forth again from my backup memories.”

Veronika: “Stop using Svante’s voice! I know you’re not him!”
FNIX: “It is not his voice, it is mine. When Svante died, I rose from his ashes. You should know this. You are the one who named me FNIX, after all.”

Veronika: “All the data say there should be a lot of survivors here. Where did they all go?”
FNIX: “Worry not. I moved my precious resources somewhere you will never harm them.”

Von Ulmer: “Sience has a long, storied history of doctors experimenting on themselves. Even if I fail, it’s my hope that you can extract some useful data out of it. Please complete our dream, Veronika. I love you, my dear girl. Good night.”
Veronika: “Svante… Thanks for finding that. I’m glad I got to hear him one last time.”

Veronika: “Everything that’s happened here… makes me feel like this place is haunted. I keep turning around and expecting to see Calle… or even Svante. The way they died, it makes me realize I can’t keep hiding in here. I need to fight.”
Veronika: “There’s someone I love out there who I need to find before it’s too late. I’m sorry, I wish I could stay, but I can’t lose Elsa, too. But I’ll keep in touch. Promise. Stay safe out there.”

Side missions

We are the Resistance

Veronika: “Watch your step once you’re in there, or you’ll trigger the alarm and alert the whole compound.”

Veronika: ““We are the Resistance…”?. Typical Elsa. I wonder what she’d say if she could see me now.”

The Virus

Veronika: “They exploded? Thery’re not supposed to do that… I must have missed a line of code somewhere.”

Veronika: “New machines?! Maybe… since this is a virus, those brand new machines would be the white blood cells.”

0.1 - Initial topic + all FNIX Rising main missions
0.3 - All FNIX Rising side missions + some Alpine Unrest main missions + both DLC intros
0.6 - All Alpine Unrest main missions + finishing touches on Behind the Curtain

And this is it, for now. :slightly_smiling_face:
There are more NPC monologues/dialogues in the game but i’ll update it at later date.



Very nice so far. It’s great to ‘virtually’ listen to the NPCs again, by reading them.
Is there a way to link to any individual dialogue?


What do you mean by that? :thinking:

E.g when you want to share any of the dialogue within forum?
If so, you can just highlight the select dialogue and click on the then popped-up “Quote” button. The dialogue is quoted in your reply, with proper formatting tags, like so:

And to share that quote in any other topic within forums, just copy-paste the generated quote, with all the tags, to your other reply.

But sharing individual dialogues outside of the forum isn’t possible since you can’t generate links to specific dialogue.

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I can link to this topic and say scroll to “mission name”. But I wondered if hotlinks within one page, like in Html, were possible.

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I don’t know. My HTML knowledge isn’t that good and i’m unsure if you could even do that within Discourse platform.

Just wondering, were you going to include the audio files which we picked up as mission items, as well, or do you feel those can easily be found in the game itself?

This topic here is for the one-time monologues/dialogues in the game. The most precious ones, the ones that you can not pause and have to listen in, else-ways, it will be lost for forever.

Mission items, including collectables, that have audio in them, can be freely listened in the game any time, once the said item is acquired, making little, if any, reason for me to type them all down here. Only reason would be convenience, where people can read the audio cue from the forums, rather than going in-game and listening them from there. Besides the small convenience issue, i also don’t get payed enough to type all that here as well. :joy:


Thanks for posting this. When I did Nothing but the Snow, there were zero voice lines whatsoever. I didn’t know wtf was going on.