Unpickable weapon

I cannot pick this weapon up, no matter where I stand or crouch.

EDIT: There appears to be a single spot from where this weapon can be picked up:

Focus on the most right end of the weapon, there is a spot in the weapon where you can take it, took me a few minutes to do it.

By the Way mine was level 3(blue)
So unless you like to have everything 100% as me, it`s not worth it.

I am also a completionist. And a blue one was the best I had found so far. Als, if it is one of the guns specifically mentioned on the map, devs should take greater care.

Come across that with a couple of guns, fortunately I didnt need them.

I just created a new thread for things like this. Unlootable items can go here (with proper description as explained in the first post):

Heyo, this particular item is also on the list. It’s been reported before, that’s how it ended up there.

Damn, and I had read that list before.