Weapon Wheel Megathread

It would be a improvement if you could move while using the weapon wheel, but even with that fix the old UI is more efficient. Best solution proposed (according to me) would be the old UI and the emotes wheel opened up for us to place whatever we desire, weapons, items, emotes.

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This is the main thread for feedback regarding the Radial Menu/Utility Wheel.
I’ve merged two topics here. Please guys, search before you post. It is even pinned.


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Yes but not everyone liies the change. It would be much better to make it an option than to force people to use the new system


I think we all agree to say that there’s place for improvement. :sweat_smile:

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Not only xbox players… all console players are in fact screwed over


Here’s another reason why the radial menu needs some tender love and care; apparently, we lost a mechanics: when we use our last gadget (like a flare or something), the slot it was previously attributed to gets blanked, meaning that the gadget won’t automatically go back to the slot once we found another one (like a flare, again). Here are the threads: Did we lose slot memory? (Item slot regression) & Regression - QoL: Picking up an item that was previously in the Radial Menu will put it back in the same slot.

Also, here’s a video of me gooffing around while trying to understand what “Compressed Air Tanks” actually do. I dropped the tank and I thought it wasn’t positionned correctly anymore, but I chose to not pick it up because I anticipated how complex it would be to put it back in my radial menu:


I’d only chip in to rename to Weapon Wheel instead of radial.

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Oh damn Bowi, good spot. Happened to me last night with firework boxes - didn’t equip back to the quick slot after I collected more from the Plundra.

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Done! I should have done that earlier, but I did not because I’m a dork. :sweat_smile:

It’s pretty clear that the wheel needs more work. It can be expanded upon to really turn it onto something useful that everybody can benefit from, or just be an optional alternative.


Your not wrong there - something also keeps nagging me about another feature within the wheel itself - like an additional slot for melee only- dunno there’s something I’m missing. 100% +1 feature for the better from me.

It struck me earlier this week, but now that I found the URL, I have to share… Systemic Reaction had a working weapon wheel in July 2021. JULY! :sweat_smile:

I trust in each and every employee who works and worked on this game, but some people with decision-making and managing authority probably made a few mistakes here…

I’m not saying I could do a better job; no. I’m saying that because I’m sad with the current state of the game I bought. :disappointed_relieved:


Why remove the regular weapon change for Console?

I like the wheel but you not need to remove the option of changing weapons pressing “Y” button on xbox controller or “Triangle” button Playstation controller, now if I was a specific weapon I need to enter the wheel, in combat this is not a good option, cause if I accidentally use my mian weapon but the second one is not a throwable or something I can’t use has a weapon like binoculars and I am fighting an strong enemy or in higher difficulty, I’ll die before I could grab the gun on the wheel that just pressing the “Y” button like it use to be, please re-add the option to be able to change weapons by just pressing “Y”, thank you for listening.


I highly dislike the new weapon wheel. I won’t play the game because I’m sitting there trying to switch to a weapon or a medkit while getting shot.
I know some people may like it but I would definitely like the old controls back. I have three d pad buttons that I cant set or use anything also you use to be able to double tap Triangle or Y to use your side arm that function is now longer available. All in all the new controls are very clunky and I would definitely like to see an option to go back to the orginal controls


Yeah I’d just like to say I’ve tried this getting used to the wheel but honestly it a nightmare I’ve died many times now because of it I was one of the first to post on this thread and can I just say I’m amazed by the divide of console vs PC on this matter so obviously the wheel works on PC but is a failure on console so my final vote is please just role back the update remove the wheel for consoles and re patch

Although I do like the idea of putting the wheel on L1 or LB and having both emotes and equipment wheels switchable on that button say press LB TAP D-PAD To switch between the 2 wheels.

That sounds like it would solve the whole communities problems we keep wheel for those who like it but get our faster more intuitive control system back for fast paced combat.

I say problem solved there!


i like this game a heck of a lot… thats why in many of my replies i might sound “aggressive” and like a “prick” but thats only beceause i care a lot for this game and have been playing it for years. If i didnt know what to play id put in my gen z disc and i was bound to have a good time… so sorry devs etc if i seem hatefull. Im just hella dissapointed thats all


One other thing I noticed: With a gamepad, you cannot quickly deploy a gadget of quickly consume a medkit with the wheel. You need to first equip them by closing the wheel, than press the “use”/fire button.

With the mouse and keyboard, when you use the mouse’s scroll wheel to select something, you can automatically deploy or use the item… That’s another oversight. :disappointed_relieved:

Also… I just tried the “mouse and keyboard”, and I wasn’t expecting that the scroll wheel would be also bound to the weapon wheel! That’s a bold decision. :sweat_smile: Now I understand why some people both “sides” have troubles with the weapon wheel.

That’s not correct, the Weapon Wheel works perfect for me.


Oh, that’s a great benefit for pc users.
Or does it work with keyboard/mouse on consoles, too?

Don’t know if there is a way to make it possible on consoles with gamepad and the wheel, too, because you would need even more buttons, I guess.

Or would it make the game even too easy? Too much features for useability would destroy much of the atmosphere… That you’re only a boy/girl in a world of aggressive enemy machines and are always under pressure.

After all it’s now possible to use items directly from inventory. That’s a great thing which wasn’t possible before the update.

And after all you can’t die (game over)… don’t forget that it doesn’t matter much if you get shot down. I bet, in a game with limited lives the game itself would be much easier to handle. :wink:

Argh… Sorry… Language barrier. :sweat_smile: I didn’t mean to convey that everyone has troubles with it. I’ll edit it.