Weapon Wheel Megathread

Continuing the discussion from The Landfall Update - Patch Notes:

@broken_insect289, are you using a mouse and keyboard, or a gamepad?

The radial wheel is horribly executed I’m on xbox and you cant move while using it and both thumb sticks can control it making you a sitting duck if you try to switch between things in combat I just want the old system back especially for my ammo type and fire type switching I cant change fire type while zoomed with my AG4 anymore :scream:


I’m moving this thread to #feedback-feature-requests, and we’ll see what feedback can be given about the radial wheel here.


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It’s really cool and it’s good work.
But I find the weapon wheel annoying… If I want to heal myself in battle it’s complicated and then if I press the triangle button ( PlayStation ) to use my second weapon, it selects the last chosen accessory on the wheel so it’s annoying.


Could they not have made the weapon wheel optional I hate weapon wheels in games they’re so awkward to use on console.

Especially when it leaves you stood there unable to move because both thimbsticks control the radial wheel.

Wouldn’t be so bad if it was just the right thimbstick, so I could still at least move, while trying to get the blasted thing to let me use it properly


The weapon wheel is something that many requested to be in the game. While I don’t think it is going away, it can always be improved upon in the future. The more accessability the game has, the better.

Your joking right? You really can’t move while using the weapon wheel?!? How do they program that and play test it and decide “This is perfect for console gameplay”


Exactly my point it’s ruined the game for me to be honest you just get blown to hell whenever you try to use it


Yeah but they’ve missed that bit out here they need to:

  1. Implement time stop while using the wheel
    (But that would destroy immersion)

  2. Make it optional to use that or old system
    (May be difficult to Implement and might cause issues)

  3. Make it so only the aiming thumb stick controls the wheel so you can still move while using it at least
    ( I see no reason this cant be done?)

What’s everyone’s opinion on this? It clearly isn’t right now and needs addressing but which solution is best I personally just want the old system back but would settle for option 3


Merged with the main feedback topic.


Thank you for moving the thread over

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The update is still downloading but i hope i manage to use this feature well.
Now that i think about it, every game where weapons wheels works the game automatically pauses when we use it…

Not a fan of the wheel. At least give the option to switch to old method.


Moved to feedback topic.



No, I don’t think so.
But more important is, that there will never be a pause in this game.

I can’t count how often I told that it’s a multiplayer game, even if you play alone, and that there will never be a pause-mode.

It even not pauses when you quit the game. Maybe you have noticed that the time of day after may have be changed when closing the game and continuing the next day. Also the rivals (and other machines) are at different positions.

You misunderstood me.
I meant that all games where they have this system they have a pause or slow motion function.
It works because of that.
Here it does not work that well.
Ive been playing this since late october 2019 xD


They had months (since at least July?) to playtest this feature, and a lot of comments so far make it feel like they did not nail the UX : people are confused or report bugs (whether they are real ones remains to be investigated)…

Systemic Reaction could have also planned some kind of “How to use new mechanics” content in preparation to this day… :sweat_smile::man_shrugging:

Also, @Mr_A1992, I think that some other games run at full speed, but this is apparently problematic in the case of Generation Zero, probably because of the fact that players stop moving immediately and because both sticks are bound to “selection”.


My feedback for the moment.
We can still use the quick switch weapon.
Otherwhise things would be much more difficult.
At least on PS4, you can change between the last 2 items you used.
Its not what i would wanted if i asked for this, but its better than only be able to use the radial wheel.
It does indeed take a bit more of time.

So i would say 3 out 5 stars.

  • Good part - You can have more weapons and items not requiring you to enter the slow inventory menu.

  • Bad part - You are vulnerable when under attack, at least during 1-2 seconds even if you are fast.


Guys i havent played GZ since October 2021, il delete this next.
What was the function of the R1 button on the PS4??
L1 was and is to use the Emotes.

I cant remember!!

I just ask, because I don’t had time to test it yet…
What about the dpad? Can it still be used for equipment like binoculars (free to choose)?

Otherwise the benefit of the wheel isn’t as big… 8 items instead of 7 (4 items on dpad + 3 weapons). You would just now be free to choose more weapons on cost of items.

I’m excited to test later this day.

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