Weapon Wheel with a gamepad/controller (MEGATHREAD #2)

Continuing the discussion from Weapon Wheel Megathread

Hello everyone! I thought that making a new thread about the Weapon Wheel with a controller/gamepad would be a good idea, especially now that we got a nice hotfix.

I personally like the radial menu because I only started playing in December (for around 20 hours) and waited for the Landfall Update to resume my playthrough.

At last, we can now move while using the wheel! :slight_smile: I also tried to open and close doors while using the menu, because I read somewhere that it was possible. I cannot confirm whether that was indeed happening before the hotfix, but it is not now.

I will write a second comment, immediately, to suggest an new improvement.

Feature “request”: customizable inner and outer deadzone settings

Please, add customizable inner and outer deadzone settings, at least for the weapon wheel menu. Here’s why:

  • When closing the Weapon Wheel, the player’s choice is sometimes not registered by the game. This probably happens for at least two reasons:
    • The player did not move the Right Thumbstick far enough in the necessary direction while the Weapon Wheel was on screen.
    • The player did move the Right Thumbstick far enough, but the Right Thumbstick was back into the inner deadzone before they closed the Weapon Wheel.

Here’s a video of me testing the radial menu and testing the deadzone:

Another solution?

Another solution to this, instead of adding customizable deadzones settings would be to “set”/record (sorry, I don’t what word to use) the selection as long as the player doesn’t select something else. Example: if I select an explosive gas tank, it will remains selected even if the Right Thumbstick is back in the inner deadzone, unless I select something else. Of course, this would mean that there’s no way anymore to cancel the use of the Weapon Wheel, but at least we can “simply” pick again whatever we were holding in order to prevent any switching.

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I also like the weapon wheel, but not how it’s currently implemented for controllers.

The easiest solution would be revert back to the old UI but with the ability to place whatever we want in the emotes wheel.

This would enable all users to either only use the old UI, only use the wheel, or use both in combination.

Best thing is that all the ground work has already been done! Implementation of this is basically down to mapping existing software functions to the controller inputs.

I bought the game in December 2021, for about 20 hours, probably less. However, I took a break once I learned that Systemic Reaction would release add a weapon wheel in February 2022.

That’s why I never really tried the emote wheel, and I did not have much time to get used to the old UI. :man_shrugging: I think I kept switching between mouse and keyboard (M&K), and the gamepad.

As long as they keep a weapon wheel, I’m OK. If they end up giving people the choice between two control layout, I’m OK, but I don’t want to lose the radial menu.

Oh… Maybe that could work… As I said, I’m too noob to know. :sweat_smile:

I don’t want to loose the wheel either! No way!

But I think it could be implemented along with the old UI, enable all players to use both systems.

I would love to be able to have access to guns, meds, binoculars in the old way, and have access to flares, radios and hand grenades in the wheel! Maybe even a emote!


I don’t think they’ll get rid of the distinct emote wheel, because I’m sure some people use is a lot. Some people are into emotes, I think. :sweat_smile:

The way I imagine this implemented, you can put emotes in the wheel as well. So emotes will still be a thing for those into it.

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Yeah, but I struggle with “only” 8 slots (I would want more), so I bet someone who likes emotes would feel even more restricted. :sweat_smile:

I love the new weapon wheel now that we can move with it open. But I’d love to stop calling it a “weapon wheel” simply because I don’t want my weapons (firearms) to be bound to it for access. I’d love for the firearms to go back to where they were on consoles, and simply use the wheel for quick 8 item access. Also, the D-pad is underutilized now. We gotta make use of that empty up/down on the D-pad. Maybe make one a quick medkit heal and the other binoculars. But I like the progress that has been made so far. Cheers!


In the meantime, you can tie the weapons to the A/B/X/Y/circle/triangle/square/square buttons, because you can quickly access them by pressing the shoulder button and the appropriate “action button”.

You are not the first one mentioning that weapons are a bit annoying in the weapon wheel. I barely played with the old system, so I can’t say how better or worse it was… Well… That’s false… I remember that I hated it because I’m used to item/weapon wheels. :sweat_smile:

The new wheel is great. Much more freedom of choice now with what you want to equip and being able to quickly switch between 4+ weapons is a big thing I enjoy.

My biggest problem is one you mentioned, the deadzone. As soon as you let go of the right stick it goes right back to the center, which means you have to release R1 (or whatever it is on PC and XBox) and the stick at the exact same time to select something. It would be great if you could alter the deadzone to be more forgiving, like you said. And having it bound to R1 instead of L1 is a little awkward but I’m already used to it.


I’m glad to know I’m not imagining stuff about the deadzone. :sweat_smile: (Weapon Wheel and gamepad/controler (post-hotfix) - #2 by Bowi) Hopefully devs will work on that! They should, honestly, if they want to retain gamepad players. :slight_smile:

Now that we can walk, it almost feels normal and i´m no longer dying, its all about adaptation, i´ve been playing this game since november 2019 (with some big breaks) and if i can adapt anyone else can too.
But there is room for improvement, Up and Down DPAD buttons still have no function, they could serve for 2 extra equipment slot.
Something like flares and binoculars.


I agree that the weapon wheel has improved now when you can move, but it is still not in pair with the original UI.

Pressing a single button, bumper or d-pad and immediate 100% knowing what will happen will always bet holding a button AND moving a analog stick to a position and time the release of both to perform the same task.

And besides that the original UI did not in any way obscure your view of what’s happening in front of you.

The wheels has its uses but it’s not as efficient as the original UI


just a friendly reminder that this is a new megathread

I decided to keep using mouse and keyboard until they improve the inner deadzone issue, so I don’t plan to write a lot here.

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So how are you holding up, with the new wheel?

I have continued to play, but changed how I approach situations.I would say that I change weapons much more seldom now, usually just using a AG4.

I have stopped using flares completely and are more or less just switching between a med kit and the binoculars in “second spot” depending on situation.

So for me the wheel, intended to give access to more items, has caused me to use/access less items.

Anyone else?


This thread is about gamepad use. :sweat_smile: (I edited the title to make it more obvious.)

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I have a completly different experience with that wheel (PS5).

I switch weapons more often, use the exp pvg for disarming the great machines, then go in closer combat with exp ag4, sometimes switch to exp gng (I feel it got much stronger with the last update), or switch to exp klauke with shock ammo to place traps or finish them.

In between I throw sticky flares or fireworks, medium emp or handgrenades all by just switching with the wheel.

I now have a setup for almost every situation and have almost no need to open the inventory to change my slots.

I love it.


My only problem with the wheel is how selecting something is a bit finicky. I did not play long enough with a controller (with the old and the new systems) to give more feedback, but I would like to use a controller to play like Madchaser.