[XB1] Game Crashing on sign-in / continue (post update FNIX Rising)

I think he’s on XBOX and was playing a guest account or on a new profile.

I made a second Xbox account the last few days I started getting crashes when exiting the game using the game menu same as before crashes at the cassette tape load screen

Same issue topics merged.

Also, thank you for additional info.


What you’re doing is what I used to do. That crashed mine. That was the first save. 2nd save which lasted longer than the first was exiting to the main menu.

Interesting. Just from my own experience and being able to play the game for the last 10+ days now without a problem was leading me to believe it was a memory leak save issue somehow tied into the main menu of the game. That’s simply why I was suggesting not using the main menu other than the initial load.
Guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and keep playing until the devs come up with a fix. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone - I’ll jump right to it: We have some good news!

Thanks to all of your information in this thread, and especially folks that shared their save files with us (via the team at Xbox), we’ve gotten a good handle on what is happening during these crashes. What we saw is that the Mission system was doing some weird things when loading, which was causing a few different problems. We’ve made some headway on a solution and wanted to share our current progress.

Currently we have a tentative solution that we’re still testing heavily that alleviates the constant crashing. The real upside though is that your save file won’t be broken, so you will be able to continue on without complete data loss. We’re currently heavily testing the shared saves to see if there have been any knock-on effects of this fix but as of now we haven’t seen anything - but we want to keep checking a bit longer to be sure.

We will keep you updated here and via our other channels as we keep pushing through this - but things are looking up. Let’s not celebrate just yet, but let’s be optimistic!

Thanks and speak soon!



Its impossible to play with 3 other player untîl the game crash Everytime( on xbox) with 2 other player too​:sob::sob:, but with only 1 friend its ok​:grin::grin:

Glad to hear it, can’t wait to play the game again but take all the time you need! We’ve waited this long so no harm in making sure everything is green to go before launch!


Thank you for the ongoing update Paul.


Thank you for the good news.


Thank you this is wonderful news


Thanks very much for the efforts of the tech people and for keeping us informed. Excited to play again when it’s ready.


Thank you for the update. I did start a new game with another profile but after a while game started stuttering and slowing down. After the second time it crashed for good. On the profile loading screen. So I’ll have to wait for a fix before playing again. I hope it won’t be too long


Hi everyone, loving he game, ive come back to being able to play again after few days and my online profile or saved data has either become corrupted or somthing, my game freezes every time i get to the logging in screen then back to home page, i can’t play but when i login as a guest it works fine, anyone help fix it i would muchly appreciate it

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Your platform is what?

my platform is xbox one

Same issue topics merged.

Also, thanks for stating your platform.


Whoo! Finally, something uplifting! Keep up the work guys, this game is too good to have a bug like this ruining it.


yeah just want to know how to fix it so i can get back on lol, any help grateful lol loving the game one issue 2 dam addictive hahaha otherwise loving it, keep up the good work guys

i decided to test and see if it was DLC related and made no difference so it’s in the gen z game itself

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