[XB1] Game Crashing on sign-in / continue (post update FNIX Rising)

That’s a different bug

Just downloaded the update and still the game crashes. Was this update supposed to fix the crash that happens at user selection or other crashes that occurred when in the game?

Approximatively when i click on a safehouse to respawn myself , its like the same issue of the login crash, but right now its happen when am trying to spawn myself​:sob::sob::sob:

Its suppose to fix the login crash its good for me but the fix comes with others annoying bug its sad.Making the game unplayable ,Am on one x just saying​:weary::weary: its worse​:angry::angry:

Thanks. I think I’ll try deleting my saves and try a reinstall. Got the game beginning of September and only played a few hours before I got the crash so not like I’ve got a lot to lose.

Just loaded in. good so far…
…and 5 mins in, it crashed.

Update… been playing for 3 hours and it has crashed 4 times. But at least I can load into the game…

I’m in the Midwest US, haven’t received the update yet it seems. Apparently something was recently installed on my console for the game as of 11:30 am, but it’s still crashing on startup.

So I just downloaded the patch and sadly I still can’t get in the game :sob:

Just tested it out and was able to log in with no problem.

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We’ll leave this topic open for a while, so people can report back about this issue.

What do you think I should do then

5 hours in and several restarts later. 10 so far. I feel like the sound and video go out of sync right before it goes buggy. Very frustration…
I can log in now but the bugginess of this game is disheartening.

If you encounter issues not related to this topic, feel free to create a bug report about it if a thread about the issue does not already exist.

@Grizzlybear2013, sorry to hear you’re still having issues. We’ll have to see if we can get some dev response on this during the week, in the meantime I don’t suppose a reinstall could work? Sorry I can’t be of more assistance.

I was just updating my personal status, post update. But since this seems to be tied into the login issue that many of us have experienced this past month, you might want to leave this in this thread. (i reinstalled this morning btw)

Apparently my update auto-installed, but I’m still crashing on start up. I’m going to give the entire game a re-install, but I doubt that will fix anything.
Edit: Reinstalling of course didn’t work. Guess I’m back on the waiting list for another fix, hopefully the devs don’t overlook the remaining people who still can’t log into the game.

I am in the same boat with you buddy

If you guys that are still having the login crashes aren’t too far into the game I truly suggest deleting your save completely from both the console and the cloud and starting over. But when starting over, NEVER use the main menu of the game to quit or do anything else other than load your game with. Always go to a safehouse when you’re ready to quit and then press the guide button to go back to the Xbox dashboard, highlight the Gen Zero game, and quit out of it from there.

I’ve been doing this for over the last 3 weeks and have not had one issue with corruption and will be continuing doing so even with this latest update. As mentioned weeks ago, it’s simply a suggestion but it’s worked fine for me and that’s including finishing the main game now, over 30 side missions and some of the dlc as well, currently level 28. :slight_smile:

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Since the initial issue why game crashed was fixed with the hotfix, this topic has served it’s purpose and thus, is locked.

Any further crashes you folks experience, please report them in this topic: [Xbox] Game crashing reports post hotfix


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