Adrenaline Shots

I know they reduced the drop rate, but I’ve just searched every bag and toolbox from Yttervik to Salthamn and haven’t found any.

Before I report it as a bug, I thought I’d ask the rest of the forum. Have any of you found Adrenaline since the patch?

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The main thread on the Bug Report discusses the drop rate on a fresh v1.03 save and an old v1.02 save. A fresh save is not necessary to retrieve more adrenaline. For a visual demonstration as to how to trick the game, see @tene’s YouTube vid - link can be found here.


Just went through all of Vesslan, found zero adrenaline shots.

They accomplished their mission. My deaths are SO meaningful now.


I’ve got the Medic specialization, so I had 70 shots in my inventory before the patch went live. I doubt that’s going to tide me over until the next patch.

I believe the adrenaline shot has become extinct. :cry:

I would like to thank all the co-op players who said the game is to easy, to many adrenaline shots available.

As a solo player I did suggest co-op players refrain from picking up/using adrenaline shots if they found it so easy.

I guess the human race will soon be as rare as the adrenaline shot, as there were only four left on the boat.

The end is near. :joy:


I’ve been through several bunkers and many other loot sites. About 2.5 hours so far on the new patch. Haven’t come across a single adrenaline anywhere.


It could be Brexit. Couldn’t get through customs


Searched all of Klinte and didn’t find anything, is… is this loss?

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@Zatochi the EU has banned them REVIVE shots mate there not making enough tax out of sweden so they sent the robots in to harvest the rest of them , now my friends we truly are in the deep end of the brown smelly stuff . End Days


I’m keeping a running track of who has and hasn’t found adrenaline over on the bug report.

@Crunchmeister, I’ve already got you down as solo and no adrenaline found, but what platform are you on?

How about you guys, @Skype_of_Cthulhu, @Zatochi and @tene? Were you solo or co-op and what platform were you on?


I have been playing for about 6 hours and have not seen one since the update. I was going to put in a lot more hours but I don’t know if the remaining four that I have is going to last me.


I’ve found a bunch of them, I can’t tell the difference from before the patch…
But then again I don’t use them that much, i usually just hide in the toilet when the going gets tough… :joy:(or a church tower if possible)


@5Star, yeah, I’ve backed up my save and I’m about to start with a fresh slot, but if that doesn’t work I won’t be playing again until the next patch. :frowning:

Welcome to the forum, @Nematod180. There’s nothing wrong with hiding in a toilet; discretion is always the better part of valour. :wink:

Anyway, guys. Were you playing solo? Co-op? PS4, XBone, PC? Sorry to give you both the third degree.

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@Vasdema I am playing solo on PC but just put up a LFG in the off-topic now that I have beaten the game. I might try to go to the start of the game to see if there are some there as its the starting area and health and adrenaline shots were everywhere when I started so they may still be some there as its the starting point.

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I’ve played both solo and co-op so far and im on ps4, but definitely getting this all compiled and organized in one spot will be better, great thinking vas :slight_smile: now all we need to find out is if this affects xbox too, but i can kinda assume so…

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Yeah, that was the first thing I tried. Yttervik and the Church. They were drowning in them in v1.02. Unfortunately, no joy for me. :frowning:

Ok after about 8 hours of playing I found 0 of them I looked in alot of the safe houses and the sheds in each of the zones. I didn’t keep track of which ones I visited but after looking around for 8 hours and not finding any I thing they messed up the drop rate and best bet is to get the Survivor specialization in the survival tree.

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Same here 4 hours if play not found one, it was fine before we cant wait anouther month to fix all the things the fix broke please sort asap

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Holy hell I found one!! Safehouse Muskudden port complex box on the self -4441.115, 89.110 that’s to the safe house I was getting attacked by 4 hunters so didn’t have time to get the box coordinates.

The story is (in other threads) that if you have a full adrenaline stack then there will be no drops because the game checks your inventory before showing you the loot in a container.

Can’t vouch for this as I am playing on an XBox and can’t back up save games

However the PC players could (that’s a bug hint BTW)

My real issue is with absolutely no 5.56mm ammo

I only had 3 adrenaline on me when I found it. And I was looking with less then a stack for more then 8 hours. I have noticed small amounts of 5.56 ammo and that’s before the patch. I would use the ammo crates things that give you ammo for what ever weapon u have equipped. That’s how I got a lot of 7.62 to start out with.