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After some trial and error it´s finally done.
But the full delete request would have been more efficient and less time consuming.

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That error says that you can’t edit the poll after 5mins of it’s creation. But since you included 3 different polls in it, you should be able to delete one of them completely. :thinking: And then, add in another, new one.

By the looks of it, you got hang of it. :slightly_smiling_face: Nice to see equal polls, even when people may never pick one or another option. But having an option is what matters.

Oh, that topic/poll too, for anyone else who happens to read this dispute: Storage Capacity POLL

So a shoulder version should be easy, right? If Vulcan Raven can, why not GZ?

I haven’t seen another topic about this and I think it fits perfectly here, so what do you people think of the presence of foreign soldiers in the game? The description of the “Reaction: Phase 1” operation, described in the new weapon dlc can support this. We may have other survivors roaming the fields, this was questioned in the latest survey promoted by the developers. It would be great to watch different groups go into battle against the machines, perhaps even human factions fighting each other for power after the machines were defeated. People can be stupid at that point.

Here you go: Russian troop topic

Btw, this topic serves the purpose of cleaning up other topics from off-topic replies, without deleting the off-topic chatter. And while the moved discussion can continue on in this topic, the intent of this topic isn’t about starting new discussions in it.


Trust me I’m aware the latest official opinion is a hard pass I’m not saying things in adverse to that.

I’d say more than the plundra has been major, inventory, crafting, melee weapons, explosives nerf, and lately vehicle damage nerf. all of those are incredibly game changing, and there’s more you could add to that list that would be hard to describe as minor but wouldn’t be full on major.

I wouldn’t miss fast travel myself, never fancied it much in the first place. There’s a reason why i have a few million kilometers clocked in game, and its not just to find new views to make content with :crazy_face:

i don’t think vehicles would omit the plundra, quite the opposite, i believe GZ would benefit from multiple forms of player storage. in prospect of future additions weapons wise, equipment wise, gameplay wise (offered feature of crafting “stat boosters” etc) with crafting also on the rise in game thats a place where storage is desperately needed moving forwards, and having a mobile cache to store those resources would be immensely helpful. the amount of steel you need in game for apparel crafting and munitions crafting is massive, and in your crafting bench and even a mule character you dont even scratch the surface (if you want full 5c sets of gear, which i myself do and im sure many others)

now the hardware load is a fair argument, but imo gz should put a “final” version for the older console gens, and only update those with major DLC that add to the story, and nothing else. (i know a spicy opinion) but i think moving forwards that would be the most liberating thing gz could do. focus on the new console gens and pc for content updates. now this would require a transitory phase etc and thats stuff thats entirely off topic here, but yeah just my thoughts on the limitations older console gens impose.

To back up what tene said about storage, all the people that are complaining that we dont have enough storage already, will deffinatelly hold that opinion if you take away plundra.

Also, the idea for cars, at least, the maine idea, is, you have a mini plundra, not as much storage as in safe houses, but enough to make some amount of sence for a car trunk. Then, its kind of a high risk high reward type thing, where if the car blows up you either loose what was in it, or you can only have a majorly reduced amount.

Just regarding the

We might love the game, but it still has a lot of major bugs and issues, it´s almost 2 years old and half of the map is not revamped “updated”.
The remaining DLC´s are still many months away (and some might need more time).
The new consoles transition has been a flop due to low production, economic problems and scalpers.
This is off topic, although devs are the ones who decide, focusing only on PC and New gen before “finishing” the game would be wrong.
Yes the game is compatible to new systems, but at least they should finish the game before finally advancing.
That is all I have to say, and won´t even comment with the mess this topic has become :stuck_out_tongue: .


Why cant something else be added, like a smarter AI, or a new bot?
I really don’t think anybody would complain about it, and a lot of people are saying a new robot should be added anyway, and even posted some great ideas about them.

knew my spicy opinion was extra hot sauce xD no sweat man, stay tuned for a vid i have planned on this. but yeah lets keep things to the vehicular side here :smiley:


I get that some people love the ever-evolving game where the end result usually ends up completely different what the game used to be. I, in the other hand, prefer the initial (launch day) state since back then, GZ was truly something unique.

Here, i agree. Devs should ditch the support for Xbox/PS4 and focus on PC/latest gen consoles when moving forwards. This move alone would open up GZ into loads of new features, even the minor ones, like wildlife (birds, rodents, deers, perhaps even a moose). Downside is all the Xbox/PS4 players who would be left behind.

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Discussion moved here to keep the source topic on-point.


I do not fault that in the slightest aesyle, honestly the game we day oners fell in love with is a distant memory, i’d say even since shortly before alpine unrest when the archipelago got its first face lift we started to see the direction and tone shift.
I myself try to go with the flow, as that’s where my passions brought me to, but i completely understand the side of the fence that just wants their old gen z back…

when i make my vid (that will likely be hated to high hell) on youtube i’ll share it this way so we can start a thread on it proper and have multiple inputs. my hope for it is that people will see the reasoning behind it! :slight_smile:

Additional merge. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not be a downer, but the launch day state was incredibly glitchy, and unforgiving. So, sorry, but personally, im thinking its better to be more progressive.

Yeah. These were the good old times.

For me, the saving grace is that i’m more into the lore than actual gameplay mechanics. Still, i liked the tough decisions i had to make when there was no Plundra and going on looting runs, just to collect enough ammo to take down bigger machines, without getting about 80% used ammo back from the kill of a tank. Oh, there were no spoon feeding as well and i love to use my head, instead being like a rat in the tunnel, following one POI icon to the next.

But with bugs and glitches aside, how was the launch day GZ? E.g game mechanics (no Plundra), no spoon feeding and the like?

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Gotta admit, it was pretty cool, and I’m not saying that all of the things about it was bad. I’m just saying, advancement is sometimes a good thing.

It depends what kind of advancement. Additional lore? Sure. More missions to go alongside the lore? Yes. Early cut features making a comeback? Why not. (e.g: prone, crafting, bounty misssons -> rivals) But changes to core gameplay? No thanks. (e.g POI icons, Plundra, machine loot, base building, vehicles)

Random thought: I’d like to have WOP-35 back on the market.