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While I actually LOVE this idea, sir… it would not be good, I think, to implement this (at current time).
Seeing, well… they already fail beyond any reason to be a threat?

But I REALLY love the idea.
If the machine AI gets fixed, hell, chalk me up for some…

First time posting so here’s to hoping I do this right! SPOILERS

SPOILERS (Figured I would add it again just to be safe)

After playing FNIX Rising and Alpine Unrest, I was thinking of what’s to come for the game. We see a tougher class of machines and know there are survivors out there, so what else can be done? What else could they add without it becoming too much of a grind with the same kind of missions over and over?

For one, I was thinking of a different type of machine. If these machines are geared towards “learning us” or progressively getting more tough, perhaps a new type of machine will be introduced. A camouflaged or invisible machine that stalks you maybe? A submersible type that burrows in the earth? Machines that vary attacks such as stunning you and you cant see or uses an adhesive to immobilize you? Just spitballing what can make it unique and add content with machines.

Another thought for future additions is related to the added destruction that is around the landscape, particularly the farmlands. We have seen more and more destroyed buildings and craters left in the ground with updates. I think it will continue to the point where the island is overrun with machines and you will have to battle back to take out different FNIX outposts, similar to the end of FNIX Rising. It seems like this game has been set up to lead to more and more survivors being found and resistance groups being formed focusing on smash and grab operations. I hope it doesn’t turn to different human factions battling against each other as I would rather the fight stay focused on the machines.

I would love some tutorials on how to use the recycling station and crafting stations but will just have to keep searching, unless any of you have any resources to point me to.
All that aside, I’m happy with the game. There are things I would like to be different and features I would like added, but all in all this is one of my favorite games for sure. Very interested to see where the future of this game will go! What are some things you all think will be added or where do you think the game will go?

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Glad to hear you like the game and as far as the crafting goes is there something in particular you need help with? Also I really like the battle back ideal and agree that I don’t really want to fight human.


I missed the memo on how to use the crafting and recycling stations and how they work. I’ve read that there’s schematics now? I’ve been collecting all the steel, adhesive, plastic and anything else I can get just because I’m unsure of how and when to use them.

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Whenever you get schematics Schematics - Fixed Locations
they will tell you what supplies you need at a crafting station. As for the salvage station you can break down unwanted stuff for crafting materials.


Let me know if you have other questions and if I can help I will👍🏼


EXCELLENT!! Thank you so much!


It’s what the community is for😁


Full agreement from me, sir!!! :slight_smile:


List of ideas merged with collective topic.


All tutorials are present in-game, under “Log -> Tutorials”. E.g:

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Mostly to give distance since you can throw fireworks

I’ll keep the suggestions simple as developers prefer functionality to be consistent across their supported platforms.

Locking of items in the inventory.
This could avoid accidental drops/recycling. Also “Store all in Category” will keep our locked items like Adrenaline, Hairpins etc in our inventory.

Pinning of items in the inventory.
Since we basically only have 3 item slots getting access to certain items during combat can be hard and most likely fatal. Depending on playstyle, 3 slots might be adequate but things can be much more interesting. How often I wish I could pull out a fuel tank and landmine when I’m being chased by a bunch of hunters.

Use directly from inventory
Topping off with a simple medkit, dropping a radio or landmine without reassigning your main actions would be of tremendous help. Maybe you want to quickly use that M49 EMP?
(Probably been suggested before but I’ve include it for completeness.)

Assign slot by clicking the button/pressing key
I’m not sure how this is done on the console but being able to click the button or key would be much faster than having to select the ‘slot’ with the mouse or controller.

Caching of item images/icons
It’s super distracting and I find it slows me down when looking for a specific item.

Thanks for reading!


List of ideas merged with collective topic.



M1 garand (rifle)

Mg 42 (light machine gun)

Lever action rifle (rifle)

Lewis gun (light machine gun)

Molotov (throwable)

Flame thrower (fuel cell or fuel tanks) (heavy weapon)

Double barrel (shotgun)

Single shot grenade launcher (takes grenades and reloads faster than the rpg) (heavy weapon)

knife (melee)

Spiked bat (melee)

Brass knuckles (melee)

Hatchet or axe (melee)

Lee Enfield (rifle)

Mp18 (smg)

Anti tank rifle (rifle 50 cal)

1918 ribeyerolles (assault rifle)

Chauchat (light machine gun)

C93 (pistol)

Luger po8 (pistol)

Impact grenades (throwable)

C4 (can be remotely exploded) (throwable)

Baton (melee)

These guns can be renamed to whatever fits the game


Humanoid robots that patrol with Runners and use guns, these robots are smart and will try to sneak up on you

Flying robot that is medium size and would use machine guns or missiles

Robots that are bigger than the biggest robots we currently have


Motorcycle with side car (2 seats)

Car (4 seats) (smaller mobile storage)

Storage Truck (2 seats) (with a bigger mobile storage)

ATV (1 seat)

Convoy truck (6 seats) (no mobile storage)

Armored car (4 seats) (no mobile storage)

Armored truck (4 seats) (small mobile storage)

Maybe a system to upgrade vehicles and make them armored?

Also cars will attract robots to it due to its sound, and trucks will attract them more due to being louder

Gas powered vehicles will need to be refueled and will accepts gas tanks and fuel cells

Other things

6 players max per game

New difficulty for having more than 4 players called hardcore, this difficulty will make the robots stronger,healing items heal you less and emp rockets,flares and fireworks are less effective, while ammo is harder to come by

Bigger Storage box limit to 350 or 400 would be better

Settings option to remove motion blur or lower it

The ability to transfer items faster, so you hold the left stick to the left or right and the longer you hold it the faster it transfers the items

Tap A on a bike to go faster but it uses stamina

Smarter AI

Less crashing

Less audio issues

Less lag

Playable music

Jerry can that is reusable and can be filled with gas for gas powered vehicles

Another new difficulty called scavenge where everything is much harder to find like guns,health,ammo and crafting resources, make it so rare to the point where the player has to conserve everything they can find and make it have a higher chance of being a lower level weapon or attachment to make it a challenge

List of ideas merged with collective topic.


So you want to fight terminators with world war 1 weapons? Meh, sounds less off the rails then fighting terminators with thor’s hammer XD, but the anti-tank rifle would be kinda of cool.
Also, this sounds a lot like a hunter

I’m sure your other machine ideas would fit in this discussion
New enemy types - Remade - Feedback/Feature Requests - Generation Zero Forum

Your new difficulty sounds interesting, can you elaborate in another post?
Also, your vehicle ideas sound interesting, I think the guys in this discussion would be interested in them
A case for vehicles - Feedback/Feature Requests - Generation Zero Forum

Playable music? Like the theme music, or something else?

That is really vague, what kind of “smarter” do you want the AI to be like?

endless story line more side mission and opportunity to traval the world expand the storyline would be nice also

@Alexohyeah so the first idea is a little out there but it would be a cool feature to see, like just in general a robot that would sneak up on you and wouldn’t give a detection alert saying your being spotted would add to this whole scary aspect of the game, it would always leave you kn edge to see where they would come from.

The second one with the “scavenge” difficulty would be good and pretty much what it does is that you find a lot less loot around the map just in general. Because me personally i find a lot of guns and ammo types that i don’t need or use and giving a reason to use them is what this difficulty is meant to intend. It also makes you feel like your at the disadvantage now instead of the robots. Like maybe it can be to the point that seeing a runner chasing you will make you rethink your life decisions up to that point if you know what i mean. Just something to make you feel like everything you find is like gold pretty much. So just appreciate what you find more pretty much.

Also with the vehicles i can go into detail more with them if you would like.

The third idea was what my friend recommended, i don’t know why they wanted me to put that so they did. Im assuming what they meant was like, if cars and such do get added to the game ou could like use a radio and play music, what they wanted was the ability to put custom music so we could like blast the car radio while killing robots, it’s out there as an idea yeah but it would be cool to see.

For the forth idea i put that you mentioned, what i mean by “smarter AI” i mean like this, so i was fighting a harvester with 3 of my friends and me and all i was doing was spinning around it in circles and it couldn’t even attack me at all, i get that they’re slow and all but it shouldn’t be so easy to cheese them like that. And another situation was when my friend was getting shot at by the harvester, i was shooting rockets at its weak spot and kept shooting him and not me. I understand how its coded but it would be better if the AI was like “hey this person is hurting me more than that person, so maybe I should shoot at the one hurting me more” if you understand what i mean.

I know it’s unlikely all the things that i put on my list will be added but I think it would make the game a lot better but thanks for responding to my post!

Just disable the proximity icon from game settings and “POOF”, your idea applies to all machines in the game.

Just skip every 2nd or 3rd loot bag/box you come across. And “voila”, loot scarcity is a thing.

Adding cars just to listen custom music? :astonished:
You know, you can disable in-game music and keep your preferred music player (e.g VLC player) playing your custom music.

To remedy that, play solo. Preferably on Guerilla difficulty (like i do :grin:). Co-op is far easier since machines can shoot only one target at a time.

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