[IMPORTANT!] Popular Bugs List

And another bug - presumably.

Playing around within the FOA facility area (where you’re ‘fighting’ the last boss of the main game) causes all ‘loot crates’ to be empty. They appear lootable, yellow highlights and all, but they do not have any content at all. This is fixed by a restart, but the session is borked until then. Enemies still drop loot though.
Note: I never finished the last two missions, so that might be a part of it.

Those are empty. I used them, they disappeared, and when I fast-traveled/came back quite some time later, they respawned, blocking the way, and cannot be interacted with. The same applies to the medipack version, had forgotten to report this until now.

I’ve noticed this as well, it seems to be a common occurrence. Once the DLC (and any bugfixing along with it) is out I’ll go over the list as I always do and check everything on it, see if any new issues can be added.

Hi zusammen hoffentlich bin ich richtig hier…
Ich habe das Problem das der Erfolg Ingenieur nicht zu erspielen ist. Laut Erfolg muss man 18 Maschinenbaupläne sammeln um diesen zu erhalten. Genau das habe ich gemacht alle 18 Maschinenbaupläne gesammelt aber den Erfolg bekomme ich leider nicht frei. Weiß jemand von euch warum bzw was ich machen muss/kann um diesen zu erhalten? Über hilfreiche Antworten wäre ich dankbar.

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Sorry hello i’m new here i have the Problem with the Trophy Ingeniering i found all 18 Engineering Plans but don’t get the Trophy.! What i have to do to get this one is this an Bug and i don’t have the Chance to get this Trophy? I am greatful for an Help.

That sounds unusual. Your best bet for now is to create a separate bug report with this template and give as much information about the issue as you can.

Presumably a bug:
The ‘guard’ runners in Uttern Command Bunker respawn periodically, right in front of the teleport location. Not sure if intended, but annoying anyways.

And another runner issue:

Those are suiciding. I just watched three of them walk into the lake, and then explode. :sob:

Another thing:

This is the effect when hit:


There are greenish artifacts in the overlay - I saw this issue several times, but it was difficult to see in normal environments.

And, since it concerns the interface, too:

The red dot is ‘reflected’ in the water - don’t know if this issue can be resolved when using screen-space reflections, though.

I found an issue on x box when I was playing with my friend where sometimes if I get my m/49 out a clicking noise stays there for ages I also found an issue with that friend where if I used a bike and then got off I couldn’t move unless I jumped first
edit: not sure if these are known bugs or new ones

Other interface issues:
When switching characters, the tooltip stays onscreen until you act on it.

Weird snow-globe looking flashlight beam (i understand the idea behind it, but it appears too intense):

And while I’m at it: Would it be possible to (or is there a good reason not to) allow switching the flashlight on/off while aiming? I find myself in situations where I want to use the flashlight intermittently, and having to leave aim is jarring. It kinda makes sense from the ‘in-game technical’ standpoint, as the flashlight isn’t a handheld or gun-mounted model. :flashlight:

Another thing:

Configuring a custom emote load-out on char 1, switching to char 2, then switching back to char 1: Boom, reset.
Not the biggest problem, but a QoL issue nevertheless.

Bots now smash my character through walls - happened three times up to now.

I guess that answers the question whether the teleportation issue was resolved - never had them in churches before.

Haven’t got an image but churches if you try and get on the roof sometimes drop you through a tiny hole and you can see through the church similar to the glitch above

List is updated with fixes added by the FNIX Uprising patch that have been confirmed.

Note; I can’t confirm all of the issues due to me not having a fresh save. If you want to help out; check out the listed issues ingame and see if they remain unchanged by the latest update.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I tried a bug post, it was deleted within 10 minutes. I don’t think they / you want to hear of multiplayer problems. It was cut and dry as asked to be in the bug reports. But I’m sure, thats why alot have moved on already. That was quite rude btw.

Like I stated before; you already posted the issue in this thread.

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Bugs that i encounter during muliplayer games:

*Hunters/runners getting stuck, they still somewhat moving at the same place, but they don’t do damage and cannot be killed

Schematics - when you loot a schematic that rival dropped from joined session, most of the time it won’t register at all… :confused: but yesterday, i had the same issue and it save me the wrong schematic(picked 4 and got a 5*, but i cant use it…)

*5.56 cartridges are still getting stuck

*Gas mask still useless (health dropping the same rate when you expose to gas whatever you wear it or not

*hunters, runners, and sometime even tank pop in houses…

My specs


Win10 v1909
i7-9700k / 32GB RAM / 1080Ti
Using 2 screens if it mater…

Thanks for the update, most of these are still on the list but the schematics one sounds interesting. I can recommend creating a separate bug report about it, so it gets some more attention.

manage to re-create the bug and lost again another schematic :frowning:
how to report it correctly?

What is the current acknowledged bugs in game logged post October update