Interacting while aiming in combat QoL feature request (all platforms)

If I don’t interact with something then game should not break aim again on that objects interaction.

Looting machines while in combat and taking damage is not ideal, better to loot after winning the combat.

Opening and closing doors or switching lights on and of endlessly while in combat is just demented.

Suggestion 1: don’t break aim again on that object while in combat.
Suggestion 2: don’t break aim (ever) while in combat.

What’s your suggestions?


Idk lnow if they can make differences.
Reloading while aiming should just trigger the reload. If there is anything else nearby with which you can interact by pressing the same button (at least on consoles) it should not work while aiming.

On the other hand switching fire mode or ammo should be possible while aiming, too.

There is much to improve at the controls, but please take a look at all gameversions when you do that.

I don’t think you understand what the problem is. The issue isn’t about trying to reload and looting a corpse instead.

The problem is that since Base Assault, whenever you try to aim down sights while looking at something you can interact with (doors, corpses, etc.) you can’t do it. If you’re aiming and you look at an interactive thing, the game forces you to unscope. So if you’re having a fight near a car or a gate you’re constantly forced to unscope and change position. Which is very annoying.

I noticed this too when I was looting a car and later when I had a shootout near a big gate. I wasn’t sure if it was a new bug or something that I just hadn’t noticed before, but it’s definitely annoying.

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This appears to happen to happen on Playstation as well when the Square to interact is up. I feel its the same situation over on Xbox when X to interact is up.

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Happens with machine corpses too, makes using dead Tanks and Harvesters as cover a real pain, thought my mouse was dying for a while lol

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again a new worse improvement with the E and the strike of the weapon if you stand too close to it

Mmh but this has been as long as I can think.
I play GZ for about a year now and pressing square (Playstation) for reloading always opened loot boxes or doors if you were close enough.

I don’t say it’s good like it is, but it’s not new.

It’s the same with opening the build menu in homebases (R3 on Playstation) : you always toggle the flashlight, too.


@Madchaser I play on PC/Steam and haven’t noticed this issue before so I didn’t understand how frustrating this must be on Consol gaming.

Thanks for feedback on this. This is probably a useful behaviour in other games where you progress through buildings and need to open doors frequently. Generation Zero is not that kind of a game yet.

If I don’t interact with a door then game should not break aim again imho. I’ll put that thought in a feature request and see if we can come up with some innovative solution that works on all platforms.

@Jane ah so now we have to loot all machines while in combat? Not good. Switches for light and kitchen fan too that don’t have any use in combat.

I also play on the PC on Steam and I haven’t had the problem with the E until the last update before that

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@Vati-544 Then it’s confirmed it’s a consol port to PC platform I noticed and thought was a bug. But no, it’s a feature and not a bug :slight_smile:

Moved some replies to the feedback thread.


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Oh, I indeed missunderstood.
That’s a real problem.

Here’s a video demonstration of the problem. I’m holding L2 (aim button on PS4) but I keep getting forced out of aiming by the ‘Hold square to close’ interaction.


This was a video of a Playstation version and there is this problem, too?

I don’t have this problem on ps5 with the ps4-version.

BUT. I reckognized that there was a “hold square” prompt. My settings are set to “press” instead of “hold”.

What’s your settings on pc? Hold or press?
Could that help you until it gets fixed?

I am on PS4 but I haven’t tried switching ‘hold’ to ‘press’. That might solve the problem, I’ll check that out tomorrow.

To save you the time, i have settings on press and it still continues. This is on both PS4 and PC.

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Maybe it’s not a problem on PS5 then, since @Madchaser says he can still aim fine. :thinking: