Letter from the Team - February 26th

Happy Friday everyone!

We hope that you have had the time to try out the latest update and all the good stuff that came with it. The feedback that you’ve sent in so far about the update and the newly introduced Assignments has been great, and we are now looking into potential tweaks and fixes to the issues you have reported! Based on what you’ve shared we feel confident in where we are currently focusing our efforts on for the future updates.

Speaking of the future, if you saw the latest Generation Zero live stream you might remember that our new Product Owner, Zach, made a quick appearance. One of the topics that was brought up during his appearance was that the team was about to start sharing some behind the scenes insights into the work and future of Generation Zero. The proposed format was a new recurring format that would show the players what the team is working on and on what track the game is following. Sounds like a cool idea, right? Well, that’s what we will do!

However, before we start sharing these, it’s important to remember that things change in game development. A weapon that was ready to get introduced might get removed or a new mission just about to be tested might be pushed to another update. That is reality, and just because we share something here that we’re working on, does not mean it’s 100% guaranteed that it will make it into the game. With that said, our ambition to make sure it does!

So, let’s get this started! First out, the N79 Grenade launcher. This is an early concept that our Lead Artist Oscar created to outline the looks of this new thumping weapon.

Next, something that we think you’re all very excited to see. The Molotov cocktail - A new throwable weapon with a spark!

The animation above is an early concept from our awesome animator, Charlotte, and shows a potential animation of the weapon. When and if these new weapons will be introduced is not yet clear, but we’d suggest that you’d keep an eye out on our social media channels for all the latest Generation Zero news!

-The Generation Zero Team


The Grenade Launcher looks quite like the Grenade Launcher from Halo Reach too me at least. Haven’t done much with the assignments as they don’t interest me to much to continue playing.

I’m glad to see y’all are finally showing off new things before you add them. Both the grenade launcher and Molotov cocktail would be amazing additions if done right.

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That launcher reminds me of the Demoman’s launcher from TF2, I thought that if this game were to have a grenade launcher it would look something like a revolving M23, the Molotov would be a great implement too. I also agree with Mrshneeblie they both would be great additions to generation Zero

It would make more sense to give more damage to the Granatgevär m/49 and introduce the RPG7 because of all the Soviets.
But it feels good to see possible new additions.
You don´t want us to have an RPG7…ok we´ll take the N79 instead :sweat_smile:
I hope both projects are brought to the game, they will make the game more interesting than it already is :wink: .

I can’t wait!!! I see a bright future for this game!!!

A Molotov doesn’t sound that dangerous…

Then you recall, it was one of the most deadly anti-tank weapons of WW2.

I think we’ll do fine :slightly_smiling_face:


going along WW2, why not bring in a panzerfaust, that would be fun, doesn’t even need to make sense.


Wow! Imagine obliterating Runners with the grenade launcher! That would make for some super fun gameplay! :grin:


A grenade launcher sounds dope. Now I need that T2 outfit, the belt with the grenades and of course I hope you hold the launcher like Arnie did :sweat_smile:


Yeah, the Grenade Laucher would be fun and when you add a belt as a finding in some location or a loot from the reaper or a tank or a Harvester that woukd be fine. Arni Schwarzeneggers Grenade launcher makes more Fun. But whats about a grenade for the AK4. The G3 IRL has a posibility to set up a grenade on the barrel and fire it.

Like the one below:


Molotov cocktail I like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!!!

Thank you very much for chancing your philosophy and inform us about the projects you are working on. I really appreciate that.
The idea of the granate launcher and the molotovs sounds cool. I really hope thou that the molotovs will not explode in my hand like the hand granates probably still do. I haven’t played in the last months.


Firebottle is an interesting item. While it is of questionable damage ability on machines chassis, the fire may mess with their perception/targeting and mess up their innards (bonus damage to certain heat-vulnerale components). Can be “fireworks” with “tag” properties of “sticky flare”! Also - first impact grenade.

M79 GL - would be cool addition but knowing current recoiless Carl G - makes me worry if it will have any utility. Also, there was 40 mm buckshot (M576) for these - according to specs - lighter and weaker than “standart” buckshot with wiiiiiiide spread. Mostly for grenadiers’ self defence before underslung grenade launchers and other “close shotty” options became a thing.

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Wait a minute? You made a thread about another type of grenade launcher just to include it here again? :sweat_smile:

I’m glad that the devs decided to let us know on what they are working and wouldn’t have the idea to wish for even more.

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What would you say if the N79 would be a side weapon? I think that could be interessting with a long reload animation but a bigger punch in one hit. Then it would not be that problematic if the damage is moderat.

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Sharing plans and ideas from the Dev team is a really good idea. Thanks for “involving” us in the community. I suppose that one of the benefits is, that it provides feedback on how players are expected to react to the ideas, which is probably valuable information. But some feedback might be critical, which I suppose is good too. I’ve been critical about a number of things added to GZ, I’ve bitch about experimental weapons and rivals on a regular basis, the lack of things to do comparing GZ to something like “PacMan on steroids by Edward Hopper” … the list is long. But just bear in mind that I’ve played GZ since May '19 and it is still my “go-to” game when I need the occasional brake from my daily chores. That should be worth much more than my critical remarks. So … shields up, Devs :grinning:

I really like wristwatches. I almost collect them. And before anyone consider planning a raid on my home, they are all in the “Casio price tag” category. However, I can only wear one at a time as wearing one on both wrists is kind of tacky. So I have a favorite that I wear 98% of the time. The same goes for weapons in GZ. For almost one and a half year I’ve carried three weapons 98% of the time: 6* AG4, 6* PVG90, 6* Klauke … all fully equipped. And I only use the Klaucke occasionally to check that it still works. My point is: I need no more weapons, that being granate launcher or Molotov coctail. I know that a lot of people - the majority of the population in some countries - believe that you simply can’t get enough guns. As I believe you can’t get enough wristwatches. But if you introduce a new weapon I will most likely collect it, think “well, that is nice indeed”, and find a vacant spot for it in my Plundra. And never think about it again. Consider it collected. Unless, of course, that it is a pair of experimental glasses I can put on, look at a machine, blink twice and the machine evaporates.

Please don’t put too much effort in new weapons for my sake. Spend the time working on the mission system instead. The FMTel is really cool and once that it actually works there’ll be a great potential for it as assignments can grow more complex. Actually I would be willing to pay for assignments as for DLC’s. Make them good and make money of them.


If noticed similar persons like you in Battlefield. They start playing, ask for the strongest weapon in each class, grind untill they have that weapon and never play something else from there on. I personaly enjoy experementing with other guns.
For example in GZ I get rather fast get bored of the Exp PVG if you can just kill everything from far away with just a few shots. Then I try to use the other snipers and try a more sneaky playstyle to entertain myself. The same goes for the exp KVM, I use it when expecting tough fights but also enjoing the other guns in easier regions with prototype enemies for example.
I’m very happy to get new weapons to experiment with other styles to play and other tactics.
For example at the beguinning it was very funny to set traps but with stronger enemies they are more and more useless because the explosives are just not strong enough. I hope in the future we also see some love in this direction.

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