New added locations

You have to take the road that starts from the Hastvik refuge and arrives at the Saltholmstungan camp

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Last time i was in Archipelago region was back in October '19 (before Rivals came) and from then on, that starter region has gotten several updates. So, went there to see what’s changed and there are quite a bit of new interesting POIs to explore.

Speaking of new POIs, my most favorite one in Archipelago region and in the top 3 of overall game is this super awesome spot:

It’s nice to see all instruments from Himfjäll challenges layed out.
But what makes this spot unique in entire game is that black & red radio, which constantly plays the very same melody you can play with those instruments. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love listening that melody. :heart_eyes:

Exact location (spoiler warning)


Found another

Exact location -spoiler-

So, skip-and-jump all the way then?
I got to the second rock after the door, but I gave up.

Funny thing though, at one occasion it was raining when I entered the cave, and it kept raining inside… :slight_smile:

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Absolutely, I just mentioned it as a funny thing.

Coordinates for this place?

In Masskar resistance camp: -1675, 3860.

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This isn’t a new location, however it’s a new change to a location and this answers the question of FOA 2

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What question is that?

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That is nothing.

It is not the Reaper.

It is not anything planned for the game.


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What FOA 2 would be in a future update, this proves that FOA 2 is going to be where we fight the Reaper

Yeah, people dismiss the fact there’s FOA 2 written on it… It isn’t really a mistake in decals either as I’ve checked. Still kinda pushing my theory here - These things are connected in looooong tunnels across to produce those large quanitities of machines without our interference… just because we already eliminated a key manufacturing facility.

So i’m not sure if this was added earlier but today (5 November) I stumbled upon Øverby FNIX Research Facility

I’m not sure if this was added in FNIX Rising or it was added with the update that came today.

[Edit] It’s in the middle of the Airfield in the Farmlands Region

It was added with the Update. As to what it’s for, I’ve no idea :thinking:

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Alright let’s just mention the elephant in the room/the Big F-off Crater in the Farmlands region

It contains 2 collapsed and partially exposed tunnels

Spoilers about our Grim..."Big friend"

The blueprints for the Reaper

And a Strange locked door that may have something to do with the Reaper.

Interesting, isn’t it? This seems to indicate some kind of underground facility. Perhaps an enormous bunker complex, but it took a direct hit from something very, very powerful.