Relay Beacons missing

I’m playing solo.

Don’t know if anyone posted bug report here. I’m checking by google

There’re many topics about this.

Okey. I played today and i don’t have relay beacons. They appear only in multiplayer on other people maps :frowning:

I’m now in Skrankebol. Game tells me that here is beacon and my status is 0/1 (not destroyed) and it is not there.

Thank you for the share of Google link and bringing my attention to the severity of this bug. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll see what can be done about it.

Merged several topics about the same issue into one topic for all relay beacon bug reports to be in one, neat topic and for devs to see how many people it affects, so the bug would get higher priority.


Hy there iam playing on Xbox one and when iam near an Relais antenna There is no sign on the Map so since fnix update iam Not able to Finish them all because of No Chance to locate them.
Game tell me iam near it but cant find it :sob:

Some one Else with Same issue??

Greetings from Germany

Normaly the sign appears on the map when you are really close to the antenna. But when there is no antennan there when the game says there is one, then it could be that she is done. After you destroy an antenna than it don’t respawn again. he game says she is there but she did’nt apper in the game.
For example on the starter iland near the abandoned fishermans hut.

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I got a full beacon spawn map if you want it?

I would like to have that map. There are at least two beacons I can’t find.

I posted the maps in here: Interesting locations

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Platform: PC

Description: I started a new game some weeks ago. I did not delete my savefile, only my 4 characters. In my new game I have explored 100% of Archipelago, Farmlands, South Coast, Mountains and Forest regions + a little bit of the 3 last regions. My stats under the “Team” menu says I have destroyed only 16 Relay Beacons. They just never show up anymore. Only the orange glow from their light is hanging in the air. All beacons appeared like normal in Archipelago and some in SC and Farmlands. After that I’ve only been able to find a few scattered beacons.

Steps To Reproduce: No idea, but I need to ask if the appearance of new beacons is triggered by advancing along the main storyline? So far I have mainly focused on war boards and side missions. I’m currently at the “Science of Deduction” main mission.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: Yes and no, makes no difference.

GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GPU
i7-4770K 3,5 GHz

You probably need to delete the save file for them to respawn in a new game. I’m on Ps4 and there it is like that. You loose the stuff in the plundra if you delete it. But I think thats fine. Then I can hunt for the good stuff again :slight_smile:

That may be. I will not delete my savefile for that! :wink: The beacons aren’t important, and now I’m already halfway through the missions, and my new character just hit lvl. 31 yesterday. :slight_smile:
I just wondered if the missing beacons were a bug…

Same issue topics merged.

@NJR87 what happened with forum search? :thinking:


My buddy plays with me on my map, but I have never once seen the beacons response.
On his map they don’t even spawn in. Did a Google on the spawn spots, then go there and nothing. That must be some sort of bug on his game. He also had a problem with a side mission. He deleted his game and started over, but those 2 problems were still in his game.

Anyone know a fix for that?

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For best help, we need more info. Guide here: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report

I have a 3 regions show 0/1 beacon but they not there.

I search these location and there is no Beacons to destroy. Skinnarbol and Unkown

Skrankebol relay beacon does not appear :frowning:

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Same issue topics merged.


I got the same problem, but also on Skinnarbol go to the map and it show beacon remaining 0/1 on both, I looked everywhere.

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