Weapon peripheral suggestions

So the game’s been out for a while and the best rewards that exist in the game are weapons and weapon upgrades. We’ve seen the addition of new weapons, but I think that adding new customization options would be nice. Here are a few I’d like to see.

Sjögren box magazine

The semiauto shotgun is very useful and fun to use when you get hold of it, but once you reach a particular point in the game, it’s just not practical due to small magazine, slow reload and the fairly low damage output. A simple addition could be that there’s a modification that enables it to take box magazines. Perhaps the upgrade comes in different versions, with the one crown version having a lower capacity than the internal magazine, then one that’s equal and finally one that’s got a few more, maybe as many as ten.

Top-mounted laser

As depicted in movies like The Terminator and Cobra, 80’s laser sights were often mounted on top of guns, just like optics. In-game, they could offer a lock-on feature for close-quarters combat (10m or less). The drawback would be that, as one might expect, it’s no longer to mount other optics on the gon, nor even aim down sights.

Strobe light

A flashlight that mounts under the barrel of your rifle. When aiming down sights, the light flashes, making it difficult for machines to aim at you. At close range, it even stuns enemies, although it also alerts nearby enemies of your presence. Drawback is that takes up your barrel slot.


Oh man, look at that revolver laser sight. It’s actually bigger than the handgun, and the battery won’t even fit on it. You probably had to keep it in your pocket. The 80’s truly were the dark ages in some aspects…

When they made the OG Terminator, laser sights weren’t even a thing available on the market. A prop guy had to make it from scratch and even then, Arnold had a wire going up his sleeve to a motorcycle battery strapped to his back.
But I chose that pic because it’s got a cool FNIX aesthetic.


Yeah, those helium neon lasers were huge things and required way more power than modern counterparts. 10K Volts to ignite and 1K Volts to keep it going.

Dang. That’s a lot of power for one light.

Uh… Scavenge laser sight from concussion rifle? Then again, we have yet to see power source for these optic sight trinkets.
I mean, yeah, we got laser sight, but how it will perform in-game and what pros and cons that will give? I do believe it’ll eliminate scope zeroing inconsistence if every gun have it installed parallel to barrel. Or it’ll get own zeroing. Better accuracy “from shoulder”? Maybe. Mark yourself in visible detection? Highly likely.

Aimbot? Why?

Also, console users are already complaining the built-in aim-assist, that locks their crosshair to the machines, making them impossible to lead the shot and landing it on any moving machine. No need to worsen the game even further.

And on ranges of 10m or less, what benefit the aimbot would provide? The range is so small that you can hit any machine with hip fire.

As far as red or green laser sights go, and if to look realistically, none of them will work during the cold Swedish weather. Also, their range is another issue.

Some stats:

Red laser

  • max daytime operating range: 22m to 28m
  • operating temperature: -9C to 48C
  • low power draw
  • good in coping with weapon recoil
  • low price

Green laser

  • max daytime operating range: up to 91m
  • operating temperature: 4C to 37C
  • high power draw
  • poor durability
  • high price

Source of info: Red vs Green: Ultimate Guide to Laser Sights

Machines doesn’t use the visible spectrum to see you. So, this flashing wouldn’t do anything to them. They even doesn’t react to the flashlight you carry.

The purpose would be to easier handle small, fast-moving enemies. Also, GZ isn’t very realistic to begin with. AK4/AG4 should have MUCH more recoil to be realistic, as should the Pvg. The Grg should be highly effective against anything it hits.

In terms of the strobe, it could be made realistic if so desired. It could flash at the wave lengths that machines see or give off sounds that confuse the enemy.

My suggestions are all about furthering gameplay, giving players more customization options to suit their own preferences and play styles. IMO, it’s all lore-friendly and balanced.

Not to mention that lasers are encredibly intence, which is why you should never shine it in your eye. In the same way, shining it into a robots optic can damage them.

With that, i don’t agree.

For example; the pros/cons of your laser sight idea. Since it’s short range aimbot, there is no need, what-so-ever, to use ADS. You can just hipfire your aimbot.

As for it’s 2nd drawback, there is only one handgun in the game that can take the scope: .44 Magnus. Trading in it’s scope ability for close range aimbot, is a huge beneficial for the gun. Especially since it’s revolver with only 6 shots and with it, you can’t afford to miss.

That being said, i don’t see how the laser is balanced. I see it as huge beneficial for players, with negligible drawbacks.

Flashlight doesn’t work for the machines at current date. If devs would make it work, you could just as well smash your flashlight key for the same effect, thus not needing the barrel flashlight at all.

However, if we’d consider that devs do make the barrel flashlight working as you intend it, it brings another issue. Namely the flashing part of it. Either it’s constantly flashing, or flashing only when you fire the weapon (you didn’t specify it) but it will affect anyone who is sensible to the flashing lights. Especially at night, where everything around you is dark and that strobe is constantly going off.

It’s pros/cons are also heavily weighed towards the beneficial as well. Essentially, what that strobe does, is in close range, denying any machine to fire at you, to whom you point at. For drawback, you’d give up barrel attachment slot, which currently offers you either: silenced shots, more velocity, less recoil or tighter spread. None of the current 4 give you that great of an advantage as that strobe would, making loosing the barrel attachment slot negligible.
As far as it’s close range working distance goes, depending on your gameplay and especially weapon choice, it can be very beneficial. E.g mount the strobe to shotty, which is close range weapon to begin with and with what you may not need the choke to tighten the spread either (since shotguns are all about the wide spread).
And for it’s aggro ability, i find that beneficial, rather than drawback. Since this way, i can bring machines to me, without me needing to go out to look for them.

Having huge beneficial aspects with negligible drawbacks, doesn’t make neither of the two balanced. At least not in my book.

Dude, stop calling it an aimbot, it’s not. It’s a lock-on aim mechanic, as is present in GTA 5, Metroid Prime, Call of Duty and many other shooters.
It makes aiming at close range easier, but it takes away the ability to aim down sights. Ergo: you’ve rendered the gun virtually useless at ranges where the laser lockon doesn’t work. Your gun has become a one-trick pony.
It makes guns into a one-trick pony. And it’s not just for pistols, it’s suggested as a regular weapon addon that can go onto any weapon with a scope mount.

Gun mounted strobe lights are a thing and are used exactly as I described: it flashes intense light, blinding the person you’re going up against. Thus not even remotely comparable to turning a regular old flashlight on and off. And yes, I did specify how it works: it flashes when you aim down sights. It only denies one or a few enemies right in front of you the ability to fire and has a (potentially very slight) disadvantage in regards to enemy aim performance. It only works when you’re aiming and thus when you have reduced movement speed.
Also, your argument that luring enemies would exclusively be a good thing is ludicrous. At least most people I know use suppressors specifically because they don’t want to alert every single enemy.

Of course, lasers could work in different ways than what I mentioned. What you’re describing sounds like ballistic sights, which is something that militaries are showing ever more interest in.
In-game, it could be some sort of FNIX component, maybe something attached to your optic.

Aimbot=mechanic that lock on aim. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Aim assist and aimbot is not the same thing. Aim assist simply helps you aim, it doesn’t do your job for you. Aimbot is cheat software that instantly locks your sights on a specific target’s hitbox, often used in competitive multiplayer.

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As Zesiir mentioned, aimbot is a cheat software and is never implemented by developers and not intended to be balanced.

Personally i like all of these ideas, the box for the Sjogren would be a big boost to the gun.
For the laser mount with the aim assist function, i think its a cool idea, maybe then left trigger/mouse would serve the function of turning the laser on, to allow for free for aiming when in close quarters still if you want.
But the strobe light effect is the only thing im not about myself, i dig a flashlight that’d be pretty cool, but a strobe effect could be really bad for people with epilepsy or photo sensitivity, and that’d be a bummer.
Other wise all cool ideas, and more options for weapon attachments would be sick.


Laser sights…

Interesting Idea

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Aimbot and aim-assist, both, do the very same thing: to provide varying levels of automated target acquisition and calibration to the player.

Only difference between the two is, that former is mostly illegal and installed by the client themselves, while latter is legal and installed into the game from get-go.

Like i said above, there is aim assist in GZ for console versions and it’s something you can’t disable it either.
There are plenty of people on console side who doesn’t like it. A quick search and:

Also, is GZ like GTA5, Metroid Prime, Call of Duty or many other shooters? No.
Should GZ be like GTA5, Metroid Prime, Call of Duty or many other shooters?

So, you can make the 12G shotty OP? Since you don’t need ADS with shotty, it works just fine with hip fire. It’s also close range weapon and with strobe attached to it as well (barrel mod), it makes anyone using 12G shotty godlike, by:

  • insta-lock on machine (laser sight)
  • stun machines (strobe)

Yeah… balance… Maybe for you, but not certainly for me.

Thing is, we don’t have other players or NPCs as our enemies. We only have machines.

So, when i get surrounded by runners/hunters, i shine the strobe into the machine face standing in front of me, causing it to stun. Then i turn around, facing another machine and i can stun that one as well. I can keep doing the stun-lock method as long as i please, without getting fired back at all. Right?

At the same level of ludicrous as: Seekers, radios, boomboxes, light- medium- and heavy-comm array lures? Meaning that using any of the listed, including keeping aggrod Seeker undamaged, is a bad idea?

In my opinion, for laser sight to be balanced, is not by giving it any “magical” abilities.
If the laser sight is red laser, during the day time, it reaches ~20m, seeing better where the shots should be going with hip fire. And if devs would introduce the HUD/crosshair remove option, it gives better aim idea with disabled crosshair in hip fire.

As far as “strobe” goes, it could flash only in IR spectrum (invisible to player, without causing epileptic seizures to susceptible people), by confusing (not stunning) prototype class of machines. And maybe even mil class of machines. This would make the new player life easier for a while. But FNIX and especially apo class of machines, who have far better sensory equipment, are immune to the IR spectrum strobe. ← That’s balance.

I don’t want to argue with you, dude. But you’re trying to find the most convoluted, far-fetched interpretation of what I’m writing just to make it seem bad. I don’t find that particularly constructive.

My suggestions aren’t perfect and I’m not going to write a whole wiki on how they should be implemented to be balanced. What I’m saying is that they’re not inherently imbalanced.

Disclaimer: I didn’t have opportunity to get and test radioactive ammo, that briefly kills off sensors. I don’t have experience of observatgion them in such state and how they behaviour to reinforve my arguments about AI and it’s perception scripts currently implemented.

I’ve revisited the topic and asked myself again: is it worth in practical sence?
First - strobo light. We are fighting machines that rely more on auditory sensations (as my experience of fooling around AI goes) than on optic - you have more chances to get caught with sound, than visuals. They usually have priority to spot of last loud sound than last seen meatbag. In CQC skirmish strobo either won’t do a crap in the daylight and will interfere by blinding me during night-time/dark places.
Second - strobo light vs. particular machine? What your vision on skirmish with various types and series?
All machines have that weird AI sequence with pauses, that Tank will simply fart or stomp, regardless, since it has quite reliably “switched on” inertial targeting - it’ll attack “last spot, where leatherbags has been spotted” and just shoot, stomp, fart or run over that place.
Same goes for harvester and besides it’s easier to slay it “traditional” way, that bother to defang it and use dem fleshlight. Hunters are buggy that in combat mode they know where you are unless you break three legs running away from them and bkeaking the chase; with this machine’s “weird sequental behaviour algoritm” there’s no practical need to “brief stuns”, because they do that themselves; only three reliable ways stop hunters dead on it’s track are precisely timed exp. shotgun’s fleschette, as well as EMP blast and destruction - all three will cancel out anything even leap melee attack mid-air. Some light mid-action - it’ll be as flashy as muzzleflash and again I’ll remind that some fleshlight ain’t gonna stop machine, unless it “sees” in “visible light” spectrum. Even with all that - did you ever see how people used smartphones for welding? The phone ain’t go fully “blind”, just some pixels will “whited out” ans there’s software, that automatically corrects contrast for more or less “fluent” picture. Machines ain’t need that. To blind and stun you have to literally stick that strobo-fleshlight into machine’s visor equipment, which is risk not worth bothering. Last and not least - activating on “aiming down sights” while dancing with hunters? That’s a dumb mistake to slow yourself down during this fight. Against lone one? Why don’t just shoot it down from safe distance? Runners? Even on guerilla they are easy targets if you know what you do and are effortlessly shoo’d away. Even on Guerilla solo, you are not usually go bother yourself with “debuffing” dogs if you can one-shot it’s fuel can. Seekers and ticks? Seriously?

Third - laser sights. they might be cool add-on for meatbags. What it may provide as gameplay mechanic or guns’ stat change, aside the c00l factor? If that’s more hip-fire accuracy then we already have skills and attachments for certain guns.

I support “box-mag” reload of shotguns.
Box magazine shotguns were a thing during 80s (AA12 and SPAS15 are prime examples), they just were not big things around world, but I don’t know and ain’t gonna bother to know if there were “mag wells” for shotguns that are also easy installed “like an attachment”. Sjorgen shotgun is a century old (seriously) civilian shotgun. If swedes did bother to attach magazine to that thing - they had all the time in the world to do so. Besides IRL Sjorgen shotgun is like WA2000 - a rare piece of fine gunsmithing, that is used in media due to look coolz.

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