What possible advantage does all characters sharing the same world have?


From a gameplay perspective I don’t really understand this design choice. Many games lend themselves to having multiple characters with different playstyles. Sometimes you’ll have the urge to be a mage after being an archer for a while in an Elder Scrolls game, for example.

Part of the fun is doing the same quests differently. I don’t really see what advantages the current configuration offers. Any ideas why it’s like this?


It may have been designed to keep the feeling of a continuous world going, so that the world you are playing feels unique. After all you were supposed to have gone away with some friends, so maybe your extra characters were supposed to be those other friends. However from a players point of view it does feel restrictive and doesn’t lend itself to a wide variety of gameplay.


When you do this can you still pick up the weapon in the first house


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Nope, the gun will be gone if another of your characters picked it up


And the world loot timers are active too. So if you were to go through an area with your main character and try again with the second, you get nothing until the 4 hour timer expires. And for those of us with that timer bugged, that means nothing at all on alternate characters.


These timers are absolutely idiotic. All they need to do is make the loot respawn when you load your game. If someone wants to bank up enough ammo and medkits by reloading their game for an hour straight, who cares? It’s not a competitive platform - let people enjoy the game instead of turning it into a slowly-dying-of-boredom simulator.


This right here. The game is being balanced like it’s a competitive pvp type game, which it isn’t.


Yea, open world games are meant to be played at your own pace, and how YOU feel like playing. This isn’t The Division or something along those lines…
I’m missing my Standard med packs in the wooden hay crate from the 2nd safehouse you discover on the starter island… now I’m just missing health packs in general :unamused:


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I got told from one of the moderators or someone who contacts the devs, well actually he just quoted a part from the patch notes that states that they made it so some loot outside of loot boxes can now only be looted ONE TIME per player… so once you loot them they’re gone forever. Like all the stand alone medkits and flares etc. They never respawn… but that barn with the 4 standard med packs was my go to lol. The standard packs seem much too rare to find.


im shattered, loved that loot box


The only reason I’ve found to use this as a benefit is to stock up on a lot of ammo and just use 2nd character to hold onto it. That as well as extra weapon attachments and anything you may want to keep for later or save for a gun you don’t yet have.


@SnowyDaze, it was just someone quoting the patch notes. but i thought that bodies counted as loot containers


Careful. If people keep saying that publicly, they’ll remove that functionality because it wasn’t “intended”.


Right on man. I’m all for the balancing of machines, hp, damage, etc. But limiting the loot like it makes the game unfair somehow, (ie if the game was pvp, which it isn’t) doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s definitely bad for the machines, but that’s a good thing for us :slight_smile:

I think the devs need to rethink the whole persistent loot feature from the last update. If they want to limit it, fine it’s their game and they can make it how they want to. But make it reasonable for the average player at least. How about 1 hour of in game time rather than 4? Some of us don’t have the time to play a large amount of hours every week so it can be extremely troublesome!


Agree 100%. Patch focus is wrong! No need to ”encorage” players to move along and explore the world. Who pays good money not to?


I’m a grown adult with a job, family, and other hobbies and reponsibilities. I get to play 1-2 hours a session at most, perhaps 2-3 times a week. When I fire up GZ or any game, for that matter, it’s to have some fun in the limited time I have.

Currently that’s not possible as I’m spending my time sneaking around avoiding fights in order to gather enough ammo and medkits do that I can hopefully get in 1 good fight in that session. Yeah, that’s not fun.

As a result I’m on hiatus from the game until this is resolved. I currently have an empty inventory (ammo), explosives that don’t work, no medkits, no adrenaline, and can’t be arsed to spend hours hunting for basic loot that will allow me to have fun for 10 minutes out of a 2 hour session.

And even my 2 friends who I play coop with refuse to play the game in it’s current state for exactly the same reasons, so it’s not like I can even get together and play with my friends. It’s disappointing as we all loved the game prior, despite the massive bugs.


I could have written the exact same post. Same situation. Job, family. Limited time for gaming. Also off GZ until there’s loot/action/fun again.


I’m a professional programmer and software atchitect (not games related) and have been for the last 25 years. Any developer knows it’s a job that’s a slow, tedious grind. When I get off work and want to play a game, I don’t want more of a slow, tedious grind. That’s why I don’t play MMOs any more.

I want to get in there and blow some shit up and have fun. GZ WAS like that before 1.05. Yup, there’s some grind involved as in any game. There’s a work to reward ratio. Do X amount of “work” (loot grinding" and then the reward is having fun blowing stuff up. Currently, the cost of the grind completely outweighs and negates the small reward. And with the lack of any reward for blowing shit up in the first place (loot drops are laughable), it’s not even worth it.