Achievements ,missions, second character not working

*Platform:**Xbox One X

**Description:**Achievement “Exployer” not working game shows I have discovered 207 locaations.
Achievement “Tunnel Rat” I have completed all bunkers and side missions but not popping.
Achievement “Kill Switch” games shows I have destroyed 31 beacons but not popping
Achievement “Go-Getter” games shows 30 side missions completed but not popping.
Achievement “Decimation” games shows 1230 machines destroyed but not popping.
Mission Enemy of my Enemy not showing up.
All new characters won’t start from beginning with full mission list.
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**Host or Client:**Host/Solo

Players in your game: Solo

**Specifications:**On Xbox One X

I believe the developers claim this to be a misfeature, that is to say, intentional.

This has been reported by myself and others countless of times, in various forms. Still waiting for an official response as to whether it is planned that you can replay missions, or we’re “stuck” until new content comes out.
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