Crash when reaper does gas/explosion attack

been trying to work this out most of the afternoon,

me and my wife got the reaper to spawn and have been trying to kill it but every time it does it gas attack my system is freezing up and then the game is closing down to the submit crash report option, im wondering if anyone else has had this issue and found a fix for it

my system:

AMD 3900x
32gb 3600mhz
evga 1080ti
and I have the game running form a m.2 drive

Reaper Rival Bug - PS4

Midfight with the Reaper the game freezes and i have to shut the power and restart the console.
Happens mainly when reaper does his ”gas and fire” attack.

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so I’ve spent a large part of today messing with the setting in the game to try and find a fix for it, normally I play at 3440*1440, my wife who wasn’t having any issues plays at 2560 * 1080

i turned my display down to a 1080p setting and my issues vanished so im wondering if it has something to do with the higher resolutions and the game not coping with the sprites and such.

I have 1080p settings normally. I got crashed at about30-45 minutes into Reaper fight. Error Report got sent out.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.60 GHz
Windows 10 Pro (OS build: 19041.630)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660

Was using the Experimental AG4 and the Experimental M/49.

Posted in another discussion, had more information there about where we were and what had happened. Error reports were sent via the auto reporting crash report.

It was my husband and I in multiplayer.

did it crash when he did his large attack and at which point?

for me, it was as the fire ring was just about to burn out and settle on the ground

Sorry for the long time between post and reply. The crash happens when the Reaper is nearly dead on Skirmish mode. Sounds like no one has had this problem on Adventurer mode, but I don’t play Adventurer mode when running multiplayer/Co-op. I’ll be testing to see if the issue has been fixed soon. I haven’t been playing since the last crash I had with team on GZ against Reaper. We survived several of the large attacks. It was like the game had a temper tantrum that we were winning against Reaper in Skirmish mode.

I’m on ps4. Reaper spawned for 1st time for me but every time I go to fight it, my game freezes and I have to close it from the dashboard and restart game. It’s happened to me 6 times in past hour trying to fight reaper now. Getting really annoyed with the constant game crashes.

Yep, game freeze often when the reaper does his chargeattack.

Same issue topics merged.


Gas explosion never crashed for me. Just crashed my game 8 times in an hour being in same area during combat. I had to run out of the area he spawned and run up to the top floor of the resistance hotel and snipe him out the balcony window to take him down without it crashing again.

Well, there are already two topics in the forums where game has crashed when people are fighting a Reaper; this one and Game crashes when using scope and/or vision mod.

Since you didn’t follow the proper bug reporting form, seen here: READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report, your topic seemed to better fit in here, rather than in another topic.

Also, having plethora of different topics, where one common theme is that game crashes when fighting a Reaper, is ridiculous. That also infringes the no cross-posting forum rule. Having two different topics about the same issue (game crashes when fighting a Reaper) is already more than enough. Hence the merge.

Btw, your issue could not be with the Reaper at all, but instead you have this issue: Game crashes when traveling to/from Tarnboda Skans to nearby areas


Destroyed a Reaper yesterday in Farmlands area and received exp Kisp and lots of ammo. yaay, (xbox) Went to another region right after and spent over an hour on another (non aggressively) Sadly at 10% left to destroy- I zoomed in my 50 cal and game froze. BOO. I’m not upset as I probably should have rebooted console after first boss. Just mild ranting here…

Some reason i cannot take the reaper. I took it before fine but after the update every time i aggro it and it starts running towards me my game complety shuts down. 5 times in a row. FIX PLZ
(also add 9x39fmj schematics plz ;D )

gtx 1660
ryzen 5 2600
32g ram
game installed on m.2

Im also just generally crashing. I stopped trying to take the reaper and im still crashing

Same issue topics merged.

About that. This is the 3rd time from you where you’ve asked for this. You already have a dedicated topic asking for it: 9x39 schematics and it’s against Code of Conduct - Forums to flood the forums with the same request over and over. So, please stop doing it.


ok just wanna use the gun i paid for

And you can. Since 200x rounds of 9x39mm FMJ and AP are also placed in your Plundra.

Moreover, literally the 1st ammo loot box i opened had this inside (click here for screen)


Description:I start to fight the reaper and after a few minutes the game freezes and closes abruptly.Help me please!

Steps To Reproduce:

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Players in your game: it does not matter

Specifications: msi gtx 1080,ryzen 5 2600,16gb ram(everything is fine with the computer)

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