Frequent Crashes / Endless Crashing - Please Help!

Worst of all - they don’t seems to be paying enough attention to this issue. I remember some time ago a new crash bug was introduced with an update (crash upon using firework), and they deployed a hotfix withing a few days. Now it’s been literally over a month, regular update didn’t help, and we still have no response from the team in this (most active on the forum) topic. I guess we (loyal players) don’t matter to much anymore.


Well, they have another game out there with the same (?) engine. Same problems it seems, and still not sorted three years in, so let’s just say I’m starting to lose hope.

If they ever relase another DLC, I won’t be buying it before these bugs are fixed.

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This is due to the November update. For me. I have a little crash until then. Many crashes now.I send crash reports once every five minutes.
Sorry for google translation.
correction.Not November.after the December fix.sorry


Originally posted on Post #259 here about crashes happening 10 to 60 minutes (random spots).

Now, after this January update, it’s gotten A LOT better and I’ve been able to play for MUCH longer.

2 Days ago I was able to play for over 3 hours 35 minutes (i had a stopwatch going on my phone to time it) before I did get a crash (yes I did submit the crash report).

Yesterday I played for about 30 minutes during the day (no crashes), then later last night/early morning and played another 2 hours and no crashes.

So while I know the crashing issues aren’t 100% fixed (due to that 1 crash I had), for me it has vastly improved that I can sit down and play the game for hours.

I have made some story progress, even took out 2 rivals last night (using up a helluva a lot of ammo on them).

So, to the devs, very good progress on the bug fixing in the last update as it’s at least helped me be able to play the game. Fingers crossed this keeps up as I progress through the story.

Edit: Well, maybe I spoke too soon. I played for about 45 minutes and the game crashed again just a little bit ago.

Yes that’s how it goes. Maybe you mysteriously get three days with rather few crashes then it gets to where you can’t make it five minutes for days at a time. Only the devs might have a clue but I doubt it at this point. I think it’s either some kind of DRM that’s flawed or the engine itself is flawed. Maybe the team that built this game around the engine doesn’t have any ability to dig into the engine to fix it. Seems like all they do is tweak gameplay characteristics. Font size, item placement and handling, etc. Never anything addressing the flaws in the engine in terms of audio, graphics, memory management, where the major issues lay.


Team Report posted today, brings up this topic :slight_smile:

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Game Crash to desktop randomly after killing any bot/
Seems to have started after Alpine Unrest DLC
Is still broken after January 2020 Update

Platform: PC (Steam)

Steps To Reproduce:
Kill a bot, random crash to desktop when approaching before looting

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: Single Player

Alienware Area-51 R5
64Gb DDR4 Ram
NVidia 2080Ti 11Gb DDR6 Ram
CPU and GPU Liquid cooled
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Intel Core i9-9980XE 3.0 GHz 18 Core 36 Logical processors
L1 cache 1.1Mb L2 Cache 18Mb L3 Cache 24.8Mb DirectX 12

By me ist the same.
Kill a bot, Crash
I cant play the game for 10min
Its so bad, i buying the Dlc. Then this Problem with the Rivals make the Game complete unplayable.
So i reported it, then Nothing come.
Then the Update. I so happy and come back to the game but its crashed again. Oh Lord
For the last 2 months the game are complete unplayable
It was on Sale on the Psn Store but honest, so i cant really recommend it any of my Friends.
So we move to another Co-op Game. Sry for this great Game :confused:


Yep. Only change I see is I can reload while running…before it crashes. Earlier killed three Hunters, went to loot, crash. Tonight, killed three Hunters and a bunch of Runners, got to loot. Killed a Tank, crashed before I could loot. In each case it was less than half an hour’s play. This is an improvement since just before Christmas when it crashed within minutes. I wonder if there’s a way to load my system info to my profile. It would make it a lot easier to write crash reports. The next issue after frequent crashes is disappearing kills and lots of little stuff like the warehouse windows that destruct but you can’t shoot through. I wish we could get reliable play so we can ask for improvements. I’d love to be able to fight from apartments, not just stairwells and it would be great if they replicated enterable businesses on the main island. Be nice if a rocket to a Hunter’s chest caused them to at least stagger. Every critter in this post was Apocalypse Class.


I “solved” the crashing by killing off all the level 4 (and most of the rest) rivals.

I then got several hours of playtime with no crash.

When area level got back up high enough to generate new rivals the crashes resumed. These crashes do not trigger Crash Reporter.

This is all so stupid.

Edit to add: The crashes occur at the end of battles usually before the combat survival experience notice, but sometimes that happens and it hits after that presumably when there would like be a rival creation or upgrade notice.


In my game, Rival leveled up without issues. It’s the Rival spawning in that freezes the game for me.

Yes indeed, I tried this, too, after my crash series started. Eliminating rivals in a region and resetting it to zero stopped the crashing until the score went up into regions where rivals are due to spawn.

And, I can’t say it often enough, there has to be a relation to the holiday event in some way, because until the December update everything worked well, and also just before x-mas, rivals were spawning in as I tried to get some of that holiday stuff.

Then I took a break until the beginning of January and everything seemed to has gone down the drain… So something happened internally in between the 22nd December and 4th January that causes massive crashes.

My first guess was something related to internal rival loot tables and timed out holiday loot or something like that. But that seems to not fit any more because of the prolonged/revived holiday stuff…

My 2 cents…

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There’s definitely something going on with crashing upon leaving/exiting combat. It’s way too common an occurence. But I think it’s safe to conclude it’s got do do with enemies in general.

I can confirm this through my testing.


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After 30+h on a fresh save I had 5 crashes - 2 were random, and 3 plundra related.
Rivals spawn normally.

Maybe, but… this is no Alpha or Beta so I really don’t want to start again from scrap…

And until x-Mas the game worked nearly flawless for me, a little bug or irritation here and there but nearly no crashes. Maybe one or two per month over a period of 4 months, but that’s it.


Same feelings here. I love the game but am right now very frustrated.

I can’t even play today. I’ve crashed out of 7 MP games so far, and after 3 solo player attempts I’ve gotten about 10 total minutes of playtime. This is the most frustrated I’ve ever been with a game. This is the kind of thing that warrants a Hotfix. No one can play the game I mean WTF


Absolutely. They should also clue us in if there’s anything we can do to lessen the problem with our systems.

It seems incomprehensible to me why they would tweak, change, or in any other way modify this game one iota until these completely game-breaking technical issues are resolved. This should be top priority above all else and only when all crashing is completely solved then carefully make improvements/modifications moving forward and preferably with a beta opt-in so these problems can get sorted before “official” releases.

It’s just common sense and good logic to isolate and remedy fundamental problems before touching anything else.

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