Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

Since GZ isn’t linear game, there are many different ways how to play it; run & gun, sneak & snipe, hit & run, lure & traps etc. And when you practice enough, you can become good at your chosen tactics.

However, GZ isn’t designed as run & gun game (e.g like Doom: Eternal), despite the fact that you can use that tactic in the game. GZ is designed for guerilla warfare where hit & run and lure & traps tactics are favored.

When it comes to the cost effective tactics, lure & traps and sneak & snipe are one of the best ones since ammo cost and first aid kits usage is low. Also, you won’t be that easily flanked as well (distance advantage with sneak & snipe and environment advantage with lure & traps). Downside of both is that they take quite a bit of time and are slow going. Then again entire progression in GZ is slow going and that’s how the game was designed as.

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Actually, it does, if you’re really good at it.
I did test it on my solo Guerilla game (against FNIX harv and Concussion Rifle FNIX hunters) and while it wasn’t pretty, it was sort-of doable. Did drop down several times but got right back up and continued with my testing.
My results are in this same topic, reply #66, direct link: Machine behaviour post April 2020 update

Run & gun is doable but not worth the cost of spending ammo, first aid kits and a-shots. Not to mention ruining your K&D ratio (yes, some players do care about their K&D ratio).
However, in a game where run & gun was never considered as one of the main tactics, i don’t see much issue with it’s current state. But i do understand the frustration of those players who want to use this kind of tactic, rather than playing the game as it is intended as.

Well, that’s the idea. Getting shot is part of the game, hence why there are first aid kits to replenish your health.

As far as run & gun goes, it is doable. Made small vid for another purpose but run & gun is presented there as well. Topic with my vid: What does the chaff rocet round do?

Only reason why i dropped down there was because i waited and looked if there is any other effect of the chaff round after initial hit.

And we agree to disagree. Yay! :blush:

@Znurrad made a nice recap of the new difficulty level in his topic: Guerrilla Difficulty is fine Solo
His death amount looks reasonable in the current state of the game.

I got shot and killed through a concrete bunker wall. Is that “part of the game” too?

That is a bug, where best course of action is reporting it in the Bug Reports subforum by following the READ BEFORE POSTING - How to Make a Bug Report guide.

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did anyone else notice more seekers than normally ?

Yeah, with stats like that, I kinda suspect that it is actually impossible to complete The Resistance as a solo player in the current build of the game. Possibly, completely impossible, depending on how the AI targeting prioritizing goes.

And those +400 deaths are from someone who knows how to play.


If they dont fix this game soon they are gonna loose a LOT of users. People will soon enough just move on cause the game is not playable for anyone thats not play this game for months before the update and managed to build up high level gear. Ive spent hours trying to play it. But after 40 hours of gameplay and only found 3 star weapons that needs tons of ammo to take out 1 enemy. And your always facing an army of them. With no healthpacks since you need to use them every 2 seconds. I can put 9 rounds of a 3 star 50 cal into the the gas launcher before it is destroyed. And then there is still the machinegun AND atleast 5-10 other hunters with gas launchers. Its just an constant. Fight die fast travel, fight die, fast travel. After 40min of that and there is just more of them spawning in. Your not feeling oh I can beat this. Your feeling more like. Ok I quit and Im uninstalling this piece of crap.

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Hi there,
Quick question.
Has anyone heard from the dev team about the insane new (April) update to the machine behavior and the crazy level of lethality and ridiculous robot behavior (laser missiles, walk through walls, shoot through hills beyond line of sight)? As far as I can tell, the May update did not fix this…

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May '20 update haven’t been released yet, so, what are you talking about?

I just now did it solo, if something has changed on the backend I dont know…

I used alot of landmines and rockets. 2 adrenalines. I made sure most of the machines targeted me. The Hotel was down to 60% Hp or so.

May update isn’t even out yet. April 27th one is the latest.

Just had a frustrating encounter with Hunters equipped with gas launchers. In summary:

  1. Fire rate faster than gas lifetime
  2. Stacking damage
  3. Gas passes through walls instantly
  4. Enemies with gas have player’s exact location even beyond LOS, and even after revive.

EDIT: This is on Adventure difficulty.

There were 4. How I resolved the encounter was to run away from them (someone previously mentioned that projectiles don’t appear if the firer is >200m away from you), take out everyone else in the vicinity, then rush the gas-throwing Hunters. Having houses as cover from their chainguns helped, but it still used up a few standard health packs.

I meant the latest update that the devs called “May update is live!”

That’s the one I meant.

So I guess it’s still broken, then…

Care to link your source (e.g provide proof)?

Proof that the game is broken? How about the near USSR election percentage of comments here in the forum that the robot buff update earlier this spring ruined the game for the vast majority of them?