Post loadouts here

just to give each other ideas i thought we could post our loadouts here.

this is my loadout:
5* AI-76
5* hp5
4* semi-auto shotgun
5* magnus

post your loadouts below for all to see.

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Here is a list of most weapon locations for all who are looking for weapons

Noisy loadout:

Less noisy loadout:

5* Sjöqvist Semi-Auto with choke
5* Älgstudsare 4x8 scope, IR and OPV and silencer
5* Klaucke 17, extended mag and silencer

I carry a mix of flares, stickies and fireworks. I also collect other utilities I find lying around so my inventory is an ever changing party bag. I chucked out the exp. weapons because I don’t like them and they feel a bit silly.

4* Automatgevär 4, 4x8 scope, IR and OPV and silencer standing by. I’m not using it much and might drop it.

5* Klaucke, 4* silencer
6* Pump Shotgun, 4* choke
4* Algstudsare, 4* 1-4x scope, IR, 3* silencer
4* AI-76, 2* extended Mag, 3* 2x red dot
6* GRG (for the big bois :grin:)

6* A4
6* Kpist
6* Granatgevar
6* Pv90
4* Magnus

Tried the 6* Klaucke for a while but the EMP effect happened so rarely it wasn’t worth it for me. Also it has no scope option so was not a good replacement for a scoped Magnus. I use the 4* magnus for runners and seekers and also on the larger machines for pinpoint shots on components or small armor patches. The Magnus with a high level scope and the proper ammunition choice is fantastic for accurate almost sniper-level shots. It has a pretty fast bullet drop off but you can pile up lots of ammo easily and take fairly accurate pot shots from even very long distances by watching the bullet’s arc and where it lands and adjusting accordingly. I’ve taken out tanks with it from great distances and lots of patience. You can hit it from a distance it won’t attack you. Of course if you have a Pv90 it works better than anything at a distance but the Magnus is a great backup to that for precise shots especially with small nearby machines.

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Exp pvg90
Hp5 gold with choke
Exp klauke
Algstudsare purple with 4-8 and silencer
Exp ag4
Ai-76 gold
Exp bazooka

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My loadouts;

Sniper loadout
Due to the Plundra bug (topic here), i can’t put any of the weapons in the plundra and i need to carry the extra ones with me, which include: 2x 3* KVM 89, 1* KVM 59, 6* .50 cal and 6* Glock.

If the plundra would work, i’d have this loadout on my Sniper:
(older pic before Rivals came)

Medic loadout
No m/49 here, instead plenty of Glock ammo for silent kills. Also, double the a-shots amount for reviving others.

Gunner loadout
No .50 cal here, instead more HE rockets and 7.62mm AP rounds.

Engineer loadout
Basically same as Sniper loadout with a bit less .50 cal ammo and more HE rockets. Also, different handgun.

All weapons between chars have same mods;
.50 cal - 5* mag, 5* 8-16x scope, IR/OPV vision
AG4 - 5* barrel, 5* mag, 4-8x scope, IR/OPV vision
m/49 - none
HP5 - 5* barrel, 5* mag, 5* Red dot
Kpist - 5* barrel, 5* mag, 5* Red dot
Glock - 5* silencer, 5* mag
Magnum - 5* silencer, 5* 2-4x scope, IR/OPV vision

Also, my chars skill sets are here: What is your skill build?

Edit: Updated loadout for Medic.

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@Aesyle, how did you manage to reunite The Spice Girls? :wink:


My load out:


  • 44 Magnus (Primary sidearm)
  • Experimental 12-gauge (Secondary)
  • KVM 59 Machine Gun
  • Granatgevär M/49
  • Pansarvärnsgevär 90 (Primary)


  • 5 Adrenaline shots
  • 2 Field Radio
  • 15 assorted health packs
  • 10 lock picks
  • Ammo
  • Binoculars 8x42 (Full Vision Module attached)


  • Rainsuit Dazzle(Full set)
  • Eye Patch
  • Camo

Pretty peculiar with my load out.

Spice Girls have 5x members, not 4x. My 4x girls would suit for The Bangles much better. True to the era (founded 1981) and i like the music of The Bangles as well. :wink:
Btw, where are your Backstreet Boys? :grin:

Reason to reply to my loadout is?


Because it said post load outs here and I replied. Lol

Well, at the end of each topic, there’s big blue Reply button. Click on that to leave a reply.
If you click on the gray Reply button, bottom right of each reply, then your post is going to be a reply to that port, in this case, you posted your post as a reply to my loadout post, hence my question. You can even see at the top right corner of your post that it’s posted as a reply to my post.

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You are right! I just saw five girls and didn’t notice that your sniper was shown in both home-cosy casual attire as well as combat gear. And I did miss Scary Spice too. Anyway, Bangles are cool too.

For my part it is more Backstreet Boy that Backstreet Boys. I only have one. Joey. Here he is:

Joey (from “Friends” obviously) would have been teenager like me in (most of) the 80’s. Joey is such a sweet, easy-going, happy-go-lucky, carefree, nice guy and being an old and bitter fart like me, I fancy the idea of this jolly youth being met with the harsh reality of Generation Zero. I guess it is my way of punishing the hugely exalted optimism you often find in young and beautiful people, that grumpy old men hate and despise so immensely. Don’t you worry … I make him suffer :sweat_smile:

My current load out as of this morning, was scavenging so tried to keep my inventory space free.

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My loadout:
6* Klaucke

It has been a while since weapon loadouts were posted so want to see what everyone is running around with now.

Mine (I have 2 of every exp weapons but choose not to use them for a challenge)

*5 Al-76
*5 HP5
*5 N9
(*5 brannonball bat for back up, thing is stupid fast/powerful)

1: 6* KVM 59, compensator, iron sights
2: 6* PVG 90, 6-12 scope, full vis. mod.
3: 5* .44 Magnus, silencer, handgun scope.
Backup: 6* Kpist, extended barrel, iron sights.

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I haven´t played on the last 9 days

My current Loadout
All 5* and 6* weapons and attachments:

  • Experimental PVG90 with 8x16 Scope OPV IRV and extended mag
  • N60 with extended mag, Red Dot and compensator
  • Sjoqvist with Shotgun shoke
  • Experimental Kpist with Red Dot, extended mag and submachine compensator
  • Experimental Granatgevär m/49 for groups
  • N9 with silencer and extended mag as sidearm

I always use 5 or 6 weapons at a time, for different approaches and enemies.