Bug Reports

Stuck soft-lock in sheds (1)
A Few bugs and other things (1)
[PC] Machine Blueprints (2)
[PC] Pump Action & Chamber Bolting skippable (3)
Translation bug maybe (3)
Survey mail without invitation (2)
[PC] Unable to pick up items, and wrong animation (1)
House has no stairs to second floor, hole in kitchen roof (1)
Door knocks down lamp (2)
Beta never showed up for me (1)
List of Bugs found (1)
(Xbox) Raining inside shelters and duplication (1)
Found some undone places on the starting island (1)
Invisible party member (1)
Invisible obstacle in Iboholmen castle area (1)
Game won't save after I exit to desktop (11)
Health Kits Won't Heal [PC & XB1] ( 2 ) (30)
[XBOX] Items Floating Or Poking Thru 'Hard Items' (1)
[XBOX] Menus All Mixed Up (1)
Game Crash "Error, D3D Device Lost" (2)
Bug report (Flying healer) (1)
[PC] Reload Sounds & Skill (1)
Bugs i found in beta (1)
[PC] 12G Shotgun - Incorrect Shells ejected (1)
Getting Out of Beta Area (5)
Shoting healing bug (1)
Enviromental sound issues (1)
Thing I would like to see fixed (2)
Character slots out of sync? (1)
Items and skills gone after continue (2)